FUTURAMA BB: Opportunity for Growth

Futurama AO | Memorial Park | 01/30/20 | 34° slight breeze

Pax: 16: TC(Respect), Brazilian, Folsom, Smashmouth, Slow Pitch, Two Step, Betamax, Falafel, Khakis (Respect), Pony Express, Honey Stinger, Samples (Respect), Rancid, Tater Tot, Safe Ride, Uncle Rico

Q: Uncle Rico

Welcomed 16 PAX to a wonderful morning at Futurama. Stated that F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Named the 5 core principals of F3, open to all men, always free, always held outside no matter the weather, peer lead in a rotating fashion, and ends in the COT. Cited the mission of F3, “Plant and grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership”. Uncle Rico pointed out that he is definitely not a professional and to modify as needed.


Mosey around the circle

Windmill – 10IC
Bat Wings
Modified Failure to Launch (calf raise instead of jump due to ice)

Short Mosey to main Flagpole for The Thang

The Thang

Uncle Rico pulled out a small soccer goal, couple cones and a small soccer ball. Each PAX took a turn throwing the ball to try to make it in the net. If the PAX made the goal then they drew a card from the deck and we did that exercise, if they missed, we did Burpees. Exercises that were done during this event were as follows:

65 Burpees including the ones from the Burpee card

SSH – 100

Carolina Dry Docks – 14

Low Slow Squat – 19

High Slow Flutter Kick – 13

Squat – 20

Smurf Jack – 20

Chuck Norris Merkin 13

Flutter Kick – 50 IC

American Hammer – 20

Burpee – see above

Mountain Climber – 20 IC

High Plank – 90 sec

High Knee – 19

Heels to Heaven – 14

Plank Jack – 20 IC


No announcements, various prayer requests for family members and friends battling illnesses.

Uncle Rico talked about his depression and losing all his friends for different reasons but being in a place that he believes God put him in to make a life that is filled with the positive people from F3 and to lose the negative people that kept pulling him done. This leading to a quote “The pain you feel today is the strength you feel tomorrow. In every challenge encountered there is opportunity for growth” Uncle Rico is realizing that even though the time of being alone is painful it is better than being surrounded by negative people. We all need to look for opportunities in our situations instead of letting our situations drag us down!!! The opportunities are there to grow if we look for them and are open to them.

YHC closed the COT with a prayer.

Coffeteria followed at Scooters f/k/a Crane


Uncle Rico

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