1/28/20 – 25 degrees feel like 14 no wind and a little ice on the ground

24 PAX-Armbar, Sellick, Balboa(Respect), Weballow, Gunner, Polaroid, Falafel, Frosty, 2 Step, Lucky Charms, Jean Claude, Smashmouth, Khakis(Respect), Beta Max, Tater Tot, Huffy, OMT, Firewalker, Folsom, Rancid, Slow Pitch, Bubbles, Ponzi, Othello.

The Pax has a short meeting in the parking lot to greet each other.  So excited for the gloom we couldn’t even make it to the entrance. We head to the entrance and start the morning with the missions and 5 core principles.

  • To plant grown and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership. 
  1. It’s free. 
  2.  Is held outdoors. 
  3. Open to all men. 
  4. Peer lead in a rotating fashion. 
  5. Ending in a circle of trust.


  • A medium mosey around the park.  Some PAX displeased with the pace let it be known.  Its a mosey not a sprint.
  • Meet on the stage for 
    • SSH 15 IC
    • String Rippers 15 IC
    • Morracon Night Clubs 15 IC
    • Sun Gods with pointed hands 10 forward and 10 back
  • Dynamic Practice warm up-Part of every Q I get the honor of doing will take some sort of idea/practice routine from my team.  Today we lined up and did dynamic movements down and back.
    • High Knees
    • Butt Kicks
    • Slide and Glide
    • Cartwheels-Proud of the men that attempted this.  Slowpitch in particular and also proud of the men who modified to a walking lunge.  A face full of cement isnt the best way to start the day.


11’s-Start with 1 rep LBC IC and then do 10 Mountain Jacks IC.  Round 2 is 2 LBC and 9 Jacks. A little missed counting by the Q but goes off without a hitch.

The Thang 

BEAVER RUN-The PAX is to stay together and do a slow jog around the park.  For the first 20sec arms must be held straight out like a zombie, the next 20sec they must be held straight up and the final 20sec you must complete 10 merkins.  This is to be done for 17 min for a total of 170 Merkins.

At first the PAX seems to think this will be fairly easy.  By the 10th minutes moans are about and by the 15th hope of the end is everywhere.  Shout out to the Folsom, OMT and Firewalker for taking us on a family circus style path all over the place.  Killed the pain slightly. Also almost got a jogger to join in. We will get him next time.


We finished around the shovel flags for a few more minutes of the Power Pose.  Both hands held high in the air. Is proven to improve testosterone production by 5%.  Hope some did it at work today.  

  • Low Dolly 25 IC
  • Box Cutters 25 IC
  • American Hammers 25 IC


Breakdown-on the surface level breaking down a particular muscle group like the shoulders today is done for muscle growth.  In order for muscular hypertrophy to occur small micro tears happen in the muscle fibers that are then repaired stronger increase strength and muscle size.  But mentally breakdowns can also lead to growth a wonderful quote from a poem by Zoey Skylar says “For a star to be born, there is one thing that must happen: a gaseous nebula must collapse.  So collapse. Crumble. This is not your destruction. This is your birth.” I know that I have experience breakdowns in my life and I embrace them because they have made me the man I am today.  They have lead me to my family being who they are, the position as a coach and the man I currently am. So embrace your breakdowns and grow so that you may be a better man going forward.


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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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