1/24/2020: The Golden Spike, 30 degrees, Humidity 94%, Snow Covered field with ice glaze

PAX: Vandelay, Fire Walker, Tin Cup, Hog (RESPECT), Butterfly (RESPECT), Crabcakes, Tugboat, Old Blue – The shovel, Big One, Khakis (RESPECT), Tator Tot, Jeane Claude, Smashmouth, Sparty, Saul, BlueSuede, SpinalTap, Weeblo, Honey Stinger, McConaughey, Splinter, Josh Olsen – FNG (Friar Tuck), Room Service, TC (RESPECT), Tonight Show, Slow Pitch, Birdman, Wait Time.

QIC: Vandelay –

Vandelay presented the mission and disclaimers, and the PAX moseyed to the track for a half lap trudging through heavy snow to north end zone for Warm-a-rama.

Warm-A-Rama  (I HATE SNOW)

SSH 25 IC (horizontal style like Snow Angels) → Windmills 15 IC → , String rippers 15 IC – nice and slow to feel the burn  →  Tator Taps 12 IC→ Cherry Pickers 15 IC→ Sun Gods 10F – 10R

Pre Thang

Half lap through the heavy snow.

Plank – Hold for 30, 20 Merkins, Chillcut – Hold for 30, 20 Merkins, 30 Air Squats, Back stretch


Thang consisted of pairing up and 1 partner running 60 yardswhile your partner did an exercise in 5 Rounds. Alternating turns. Partner exercises were AMRP:

60 yard runners: Shovel O Snow Carry, Snow Ball Challenge (4 snow balls) right hand, Snow Ball Challenge (4 snow balls) left hand, 5 Hand Release Merkins, Snow Ball Throw and Retrieve

Partner: Alternating Lunges, Sow Shovel Transfer, MonkeyHumpers, Shovel O Snow Squats, Bobby Hurleys

After Completing all 5 rounds, partners were instructed to build a snowman or snowwoman at the 50 yard line.  Artistic Creativity encouraged.

Then Rinse and Repeat.


Snow angels with legs raised 12 IC → LBCs 15 IC → Flutter Kicks 15 IC → Circle of Hammer (10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest, 10 hammer IC, 10 rest 10 hammer IC.


Count off and Name-A-Rama followed with naming of Friar Tuck – Welcome Brother. (After reminder from Room Service to the Q for skipping the FNG naming ceremony- thanks for the help.

Announcements & Prayers:• Pop Up AO at UNMC Saturday at 5:30 AM to support Sparty and the Parkinson’s research fundraiser.  Followed by regular workouts at 7:00 AM.• Prayers for Cyclone and his family after death of his sister.

Circle of Trust – Message from the Q – Vandelay:

National Compliment Day.  

You never know the impact you may have, even by offering a small note or comment of thanks, appreciation, or a compliment.  You could change the course of a person’s day and alter their outlook with the simplest of gestures.  A challenge to offer a compliment today to someone you may not have considered before, or to those you interact with every day.


Vandelay –           ​

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