Saturday, January 25, 2020 | The Oracle | Boys Town AO | 31 degrees and Sunny | Feels Like 23
PAX: Specimen, Chiclets, Honey Badger, Room Service, Reba, Coach K, Vandelay, Folsom, Tug Boat, Blue Chip, Sandlot, Pothole, Slick, Placebo, Roadhouse (Welcome FNG – Matt Mainelli), Brazilian, Subzero, Thor and Wait Time.
QIC: Wait Time

YHC welcomed the PAX and one FNG – welcome Roadhouse!. The F3 mission and disclaimer was shared with the PAX. The wolfpack prepared to roam the Boys Town campus.

SSH x 25 IC | Shoulder Taps x 20 IC |Imperial Walkers x 20 IC | Sun Gods x 12 IC | Cherry Pickers x 12 IC | String Rippers x 12 IC.


The PAX began roaming the perimeter of the Boys Town campus. With each stop along the route, the PAX added one exercise in a ladder format. By the final stop, the PAX completed all five exercises:

10 Burpees OYO | Merkins x 20 | V-Ups x 30 | Monkey Humpers x 40 IC | Plank Jacks x 50

Upon finishing the five stops and the ladder exercises, the PAX approached the #BridgeofHate.

Bridge of Hate. The PAX laid on their backs in a “zipper” Bridge format. Each member of the PAX “crowd-surfed” across the Bridge of Hate. Folsom and all the PAX learned that Boys Town uses sand on its streets and not salt, because the grit in our mouths was certainly not salty.

American Hammer x 25 IC

Sparty. T-claps to Sparty for completing his VQ at the pop-up workout supporting Parkinson’s Research.

Cyclone. We pray for Cyclone as he grieves the loss of his sister.

The PAX completed a difficult workout that leaned heavily into running. YHC recently watched a program featuring the wolves of Yellowstone. Today, we remained together as a pack. Rudyard Kipling said, “For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.” This mindset reflects the F3 motto, “Leave no man behind, and leave no man where you found them.” We are stronger together! The legs feed the wolf!

YHC finished with a prayer.


Wait Time

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