The Maize Backblast: FDIC Anniversary Q January 23, 2020 | AO – The Maize | 36° and Slick
14 PAX: Crab Cakes, Slow Roast, Barn Door, Khakis (R), Uncle Rico, Hoggs (R), Butterfly (R), Sub Zero, Sandlot, Thor, Hard Hat, Tater Tot, Thomas, FDIC
Sliding into the parkot lot, FDIC scouted the lands for a place to setup the workout where the PAX wouldn’t slip and fall, crushing themselves with their coupon. After settling on the nearby basketball court, he waited until the PAX arrived. At 5:30 FDIC then welcomed 13 PAX to a chill and slick Maize. Explained the mission of F3, 5 core principles and reminded PAX that FDIC is not a professional and to modify as needed. FDIC barked at the PAX to pick up a coupon and mosey to the basketball court for the warm up.
Warm O Rama
Seal Jacks – 15 IC Bolt 45’s – 15 IC Pickle Pushers – 15 IC
The Thang
Had the PAX count off in groups of 6 and to report to one of the 6 stations that were setup in a rectangle on the basketball court. They would do all exercises with their coupon. Station #1 would do the reps listed of the exercise and push #2 group to #3 station, #3 group would push to #4 station, and so on.
As a surprise, FDIC would randomly yell ‘Side Straddle Hops’, whereas the PAX would drop everything do 15 SSH IC, then return back to finish their station.
Station 1
R1) 40 Incline Merkins (PUSH TEAM) R2) 20 Blockees (PUSH TEAM)
Station 2
R1) Copperhead Squats R2) Shoulder Raises
Station 3 R1) Curls R2) Deadlifts
Station 4
R1 & 2) Stand B2B and Pass The Block

Station 5
R1) Big Boys
R2) Overhead Chest Press
Station 6
R1) Lunges
R2) Johnny Dramas
ABC’s – IC (FDIC forgot a whole string of letters…) 15 Crab Cakes – IC
21 American Hammers – IC
COT Reflection:
Talked about it being my 1 yr F3 anniversary. A few weeks into it, I didn’t know if I could/would keep doing this because of being hurting and tired all of the time, and it being in the dead middle of winter. But a year later, I am here and going strong. Big life changes start with a series of small, intentional, and consistent decisions, especially in the midst of what you can’t control. Hopefully my journey has, and will continue to help others along the way. I shared that I initially came for the workout, but the 2nd F (fellowship), and 3rd F (faith) is what has kept me coming back. The brotherhood, the love, the support, the pushing one another to be the best version of themselves. I am truly blessed.

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