Golden Spike Backblast: Bad Decisions

January 17, 2020|AO – Golden Spike | Burke High School | Snowing and 21° F

PAX: Saul, Room Service, Smash Mouth, Wait Time, Tonight Show, McConaughey, Vandelay, Arm Bar, TC, Big One, Butterfly, Hogs, Tug Boat, Chiclets, Jean Claude, Crab Cakes, Mufasa

Q: Blue Suede


PAX moseyed one lap to the goal line for Pre-Thang.


Quarter Pounder: Done on the Football field. Sprint to the 25 yards and Do 25 merkins (IC), Run backwards to Goal And Sprint to the 50 and do 50 squats, Backwards to Goal Line sprint to the 75 and do 75 Mountain Climbers, Run backwards to the goal line and sprint to the hundred and do 100 SSH. mix and match exercises for the reps.

The Thang

B.O.M.B.S.: Similar to Dora 1-2-3 but more exercises. Partner up. Pax 1 does exercise while Pax 2 runs to the 50 yard line and back. Swap out and continue the exercise until each amount of reps are complete. The exercises and reps are:

50- Burpees

100- Overhead Claps in people’s chair

150- Merkins

200- Big Boy Sit-ups

250- Squats.

6MOM: American Hammer circle 10 reps on 10 count rest until 50 total.

Don’t let one bad decision cause you to make another bad decision! Failure will happen on the way to your goals but keep accelerating.


Blue Suede

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