01/21/2020 Wild Kingdom Backblast: Say ‘Yes’
Tuesday January 21, 2020 | Wild Kingdom AO | Zorinsky Lake | 1 (feels like -11)

4 PAX: Othello, Crab Cakes, Slick, Rancid
Q: Rancid
Bright and beaming, PAX gathered ‘round the spiritual shovel flag in icy anticipation for a wintry beatdown. Rancid rang the proverbial bell at 0530: welcome, mission statement, core principles, and disclaimer. No FNG’s. He advised the crew to take extra caution when we mosey as paved pathways are dangerously slick this morning. Today’s workout would primarily occur atop the snowy grasslands of Wild Kingdom.

Quick preview, then PAX moseyed to the open field directly north of the parking lot.
20 IC – SSH
10 IC – Windmills
10 IC – Tappy Taps
20 – Bobby Hurleys (on down)
15 IC – Cherry Pickers
15 IC – Imperial Walkers
20 IC – High Knees
Mosey-out to the center of the nearby soccer field for the thang.
Al Gore for instructions.

4 PAX stuck together as one group. 4 cones at opposite corners. Final station at mid-field.
Complete first four stations. Sprint between stations.
After first four stations, lunge or bear crawl to #5.
10 IC – Mountain Climbers
20 – Bonnie Blairs (on down)
30 – Ponzi Pinchers (on down)
10 – Turkish Getups (5 each side)
20 – Merkins (on down)
30 IC – Oh-Yeahs!!! (15 each arm)
10 IC – Hydraulic Squats
20 IC –Shoulder Taps (alternating)
30 IC – Side Straddle Hops (red bull cadence)
10 IC – Plank Jacks
20 – Jump Tucks (on up)
30 IC – Monkey Humpers
5 – Burpees
RINSE & REPEAT. PAX completed 1.5x circuits until OMAHA.

Mosey-over to the northern shelter/picnic area.
40ct – Balls to the Wall (shared ten-count)
80ct – Wall Sit (shared ten-count x2)
40 – Dips (on down, shared ten-count)
PAX returned to the spiritual shovel flag for Mary.

20 IC – LBCs
15 IC – Flutter Kicks
15 – Heels to Heaven (on up)
15 IC – Freddie Mercury’s
40 IC – American Hammers (shared ten-count)

Count-off. Name-o-Rama. Announcements.
• Hump Day Happy Hour tomorrow at Local. See Slack for info
• Sparty Q’ing pop-up AO this Saturday at UNMC Rink. 0530. (Free coffee!!)
Prayer Requests
• Slick & M in our thoughts as they experience a transition in their lives
• Shout-out to fellow PAX who were unable to post this AM

Say ‘yes’ to opportunity. It’s one of my mantas, and I encourage fellow HIM to borrow it often. Keep in mind – opportunity isn’t always what we seek, nor is opportunity exclusively about ourselves. Allow yourself the privilege to say ‘yes’ especially when it involves engagement with others. To purposefully say ‘yes’ to life is a powerful discipline.
Make mindful decisions.
Keep moving forward!

Closed out in prayer. (Thank you, Sky Q!)
All PAX attended coffeteria.


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