January 18, 2020//First National Bank Parking Garage – 144th & Dodge – F3Omaha “The Oracle” AO Winter Quarters//AO-Oscar Mike//15 degrees (felt like –6 with windchill); ice-and-snow covered parking garage, resulting from 50mph winds drifting precipitation overnight.   

3 PAX: Rancid, Othello, BetaMax 

Q: Beta Max  

BetaMax arrived at 0555 to assess environmental variables and received multiple text messages from HIM relaying late arrivals due to ice covered cars and poorly plowed roads.  BetaMax relayed mission statement, core principals and disclaimer to himself before departing on laps of the first and second floor of the parking garage while waiting on other HIM to arrive.  

Once other HIM arrived, BetaMax led the trek to the top of the first peak, which led to almost the top floor, but we did not reach the top of the mountain range (highest floor of the parking garage), because much like Mt. Everest in the Winter, it was covered in thick ice, which made it impassable. 

Lots of up-and-downs, over and over of the floors, broken up with official GoRuck ruck-based exercises.  At 0520, the PAX spotted a lone runner, Vandelay, pre-running <disbelief was evident on the PAX faces, given present environment variables>.  

20 x Bicep curl -> overhead shoulder press > triceps extension IC (cadence of one through six) 

20 x Front squat and press (squats that move directly into an overhead ruck shoulder press) 

20 x Zercher squats (squats with rucksack held out in front) 

T-claps to Tater Tot, spotted at the AO around 0515, where he was adapting a well-thought through workout to various spots in the garage based on previously mentioned environmental restrictions. 

PAX ended at 0657 with name-o-rama to allow time to drop rucks in preparation for the start of The Oracle AO’s bootcamp beat down.  It was a slow ruck of only three (3) miles covered, but no injuries occurred, and everyone was sufficiently warmed up for the follow-on bootcamp.  



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