F3 Oracle Backblast 01/18/20 – (Winter Quarters) – Tater Tot

Oracle Backblast (Winter Quarters) 01/18/20 – Tater Tot 

28 PAX took on a -7 windchill like a mid-60’s summer morning and kicked the face off the sad clown to start their Saturday, January 18. These men of F3 gathered at the 144th and Dodge winter quarters parking garage with a smile awaiting a beatdown. You just never know what you’re going to get with Tater Tot. After an introduction to F3 the PAX were asked to get in a single file line and attempt the never before attempted mosey by doing the Egyptian run.  The intent was to hold in a one leg lunge until the back runner got to the front to yell out the next leg to walk/lunge forward.  Nope.  Didn’t work.  With 28 men this proved to be very difficult not only to hear at the front of the line there was also the sound of a fully functioning bobcat doing snow removal in the area.  The song “Walk Like an Egyptian” playing in the background was lost.  Tater Tot stuck it out for 3 minutes and 15 seconds hoping there was a burn and completed the mosey with a ¾ jog around the base of the parking garage and started warm-a-rama.  

PAX: Slow Pitch, Beta Max, TC (Respect!), Wait Time, A Bomb, Othello, Sandlot, Room Service, Crawl, Vandelay, Folsom, Tonight Show (Go Chiefs), Crab Cakes, Gipper, Pothole, Reba, Selleck, Honey Stinger (whatever that was by Slow Pitch), Lemon Law, Thor, Tugboat, Rancid, Khakis (Respect), Cyclone (Respect), Curds (Fab Five), Kenny G (Reapect/FNG!), Big One (not shown) and Tater Tot.  

Warm – a – rama:

1)​ “21’s” (21 SSH.  6 out loud cadence.  7-21 silent.  10 Burpees if PAX don’t end together) – Tater Tot asked who was the most ethical of the PAX.  Beta Max was in charge if we did not all complete the 21 at the same time.  He did not question his ethics but was most concerned about the fact he couldn’t ever end at the same time.  That continued to be true.  We failed.  We did 10 Burpees

2)​ “Sun Gods” 10 front and back IC

3)​“Tappy Taps” – 10 IC

4)​“Shoulder Taps” 20 IC

5)​Tempo Merkin X 10 

6)​“21’s” (10 Burpees if not) Tater Tot gave the PAX a chance to redeem themselves and this time ask Slow Pitch to determine if we ended at the same time.  It was a sound of beauty when the smacking of gloves to the hips echoed in cadence and ended in one solid slap.  No burpees!

Pre Thang:

Tater Tot brought out the Wheel of Pre Thang that was constructed of heavy board, tape, a non-official bowling pin with a pen top taped to it and exercises listed on the board.  It was asked for all Respects (anyone over 50) to spin the bowling pin and wherever the top stopped was the exercise to be completed.  (Exercise options: 20 Burpees, 20 Ranger Merkins, 20 Hand Release Merkins, Sprint Lap, Pass Go, 20 Bonnie Blairs) If the pin went off the board it was an automatic 10 burpees.

Cyclone – 20 Ranger Merkins

Khakis – 20 Hand Release Merkins – He looked like he wanted to punch me in the face at that moment

TC – Went off the board.  Automatic 10 burpees

The Thang:

PAX were numbered off in four groups and directed to start at their respective cone and continue to rotate to the next cone, complete the two exercises listed on the cone and proceed to the next cone.  Rinse and repeat until Omaha was called.  


Cone 1 

-​Bobby Hurley – 25 on down

-​LBC’s 30 IC

Cone 2

-​3 Mountain Climbers IC/1 Werkin -X10

-​Red Bull Smurf Jacks – 25 IC

Cone 3

-​Squat Jumps – 25 On Up

-​Freddy Mercury – 30 IC

Cone 4 

-​3 Plank Jacks IC/1 Merkin – X10 

-​Red Bull High knees – 25 IC

Cone 5 – Located on the second level and PAX had their choice of one of three then back 

15 Burpees

35 Monkey Humpers IC 

30 Merkins

Mary – PAX completed the American Hammer starting with 10 IC, 10 second break and did 60 total hammers.  


Announcements/Prayers:- Sparty will be hosting a pop-up AO at UNMC Ice Rink (5:30am) on Saturday, January 25 for his VQ.  This is to help support a fundraiser for Parkinson research.- Continue to pray for PAX or family as those prayers are heard even if not mentioned amongst the PAX out loud.  Great reminder Khakis.- Don’t forget how special it is to be a part of F3 and be with the PAX every day.  Great reminder Curds.

Tater Tot ended with suggesting the PAX to pick up a copy of Freed to Lead which is the book that was written about the formation and beginning of F3.  If you haven’t read it, you should.  If you have read it, read it again.  Not everything in the book will necessarily be applicable to you but certainly there will be items that will connect with and to listen to those pieces. Tater Tot read the opening three paragraph to Freed to Lead and mentioned how impactful F3 has been to assist with himself to make the right decisions in his life with the confidence of the men that surround him every morning, every day.  Utilize this group to help fill in a hole that may be needed to be filled or to possibly make a change in your life that you have been wanting/needing to make for some time.  Amen.

Freed to Lead – Chapter 1 – The Explanation

“F3 IS A SOLUTION to a problem, THE Problem (we believe). We didn’t invent F3 to solve the Problem. We couldn’t have done that because when F3 was born, we didn’t yet know how to define or even to describe the Problem.  What we knew, what we felt, was that something was wrong in our lives as men.  Something was off.  Despite all we had – our families, our houses, our careers – despite all these great things we had, we were still missing something.  This feeling we had was the effect of the Problem on a man’s life.

This feeling is very difficult to describe.  It was as if we had packed very carefully for a business trip but knew as we drove to the airport that the  one thing necessary for its success had been left out of the suitcase.  We didn’t know what that left-behind thing was or why its omission would cause the trip to fail.  We just knew we didn’t have it, and we were getting on the plane without it anyway because life gave us no choice.  Eventually the plane would land, we would open up that suitcase, and we would finally discover what that needful thing was.  Only then it would be too late. 

It was a frustrating and helpful feeling.  Even without being able to describe this missing thing, we discovered that F3 somehow provided it.  It helped dissipate that helpless feeling by filling a hole in our lives, even though we couldn’t put our finger on exactly where the hole was.”

Slow Pitch took us out in prayer.

Thank you as always for allowing me to lead this group.  I am forever grateful.  


Tater Tot

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