1/17/20 – Be average in here to be exceptional out there!

AO- Woodshed

Q- Slow Pitch

22 PAX: Othello, Polaroid, Samples (Respect), Bloodshot, Lucky Charms, Blue Chip, Ponzi, Tater Tot, Safe Ride, Honey Badger, Beta Max, Baby Grand, Two Step, Gunner, Khakis (Respect), Plague, Bubbles, Folsom, Stella, Pony Express, Pilates (Hate)(FNG), Slow Pitch

How the Gloom got started:  18 degrees, snowing like a banshee, extremely slickery and the PAX gathered at shovel flags. A couple guys fell down, tons of mumble chatter and anticipation of the workout, since everyone knew injury might be coming.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3:

Slow Pitch had the F3 mission statement and 3 out of the 5 Core Principles memorized.  This statement was copied and pasted from his last Back Blast because there hasn’t been any improvement to remembering all 5 principles.

The PAX was instructed to mosey to and through the Grotto, then to the corner.  Ponzi was sniped and went down. Many PAX members willing to pick up their brother after getting hit by sniper fire. This was a cautious mosey.

Slow Pitch asked Ponzi to assist with Warmarama, as Ponzi was inspiring to Slow Pitch at the Cornhusker Handicapbeatdown.

Warmapitch-zi: (Count off 1’s and 2’s) 

Form tight circle for:

​Cherry Pickers with dual fives: 20 IC 

Partner time! (1’s stay put, 2’s face the 1 on your left).

Slow Pitch asked all PAX to stand toe to toe, facing partner for an awkward feeling of partnership. All exercises facing your partner, in close proximity.

Windmill Partner Fives: 16 IC 

SSH: 20 IC

​Calf Raise Sungods: 20 IC

​Shoulder Fives (Alternating Shoulder Taps with Fives): 20 IC

​Calf Raise Squatting Chinooks: 10 IC Fr, 10 IC B

​Patty Cake Merkins: 20 

​Facing Heyahski’s: 20 

​High Five Big Boys: 20 

​American Pumpers (American Hammers with Gas Pumper): 20 IC​

Count off into groups of 4

After Warmarama 2’s run to the flags. 3’s to the Grotto

1 & 4’s stay at the corner. 4’s will do 25 reps of the first exercise, then run towards the flags to relieve the 2’s, 2’s run to the Grotto to relieve the 3’s.  

At each station perform 50 of each exercise, then repeat or until your teammate comes to push you to next station.

Flags: 50 Merkins, 50 Lunges, Repeat

Grotto: 50 Step ups (25 each leg), 50 Dips, Repeat

Corner: 50 LBC’s IC, 50 Turkish Get ups, Repeat

Omaha was called after two sets, as the Warmarama ran WAY over. PAX moseyed from flags to grotto to corner grabbing all members return to flags.

Mary:  E2K’s: 10 each side.

Gas Hammers (Gas Pumper with American Hammers): 5IC

Announcements:  Prayers for others, anyone.

COT:  Florida State Coach Tony Tokarz (Slow Pitch has never heard of this guy, but he said something of value on social media).

“I once heard that you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time around.

If that’s the case, I wouldn’t want to surround myself by anyone else.”  

All of you and myself have made a conscious effort to set our alarm, wake up, get out of bed and start our day together. I do it every day because it has made one of the most significant, positive changes in my life.  The exercise, yes, but most importantly the fellowship of men, guided by faith and each other. 

I want to be the average of all of you.  Not more, not less. If I can remain right sized and remain in the middle, I have the opportunity to do something fairly special for those in my life. If you can be the average here, you can be exceptional out there.

Tater Tot took us out in prayer.

Laughter, hugs and fist bumps!

– Slow Pitch

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