Cornhusker Handicap Backblast: 1/14/20

Cornhusker Handicap – January 14, 2020

Q: Gunner

PAX: Polaroid, Tater Tot, Smash Mouth, The Plague, Ponzi, Othello, Cyclone, Firewalker, Balboa, Huffy, Brazilian, Frosty, Slow Pitch, Big One

Weather: 33, Slick Conditions on pavement

Warm-O-Rama at Blue Cross Blue Shield Court 15 Windmills
15 Hillbillies
15 Cherry Pickers
15 Alt. Shoulder taps 15 Peter Parkers
8 Dive Bombers

Pre-Thang – Parking Garage Laps
Run up 5 floors, over to other stair well, and down 5 floors 2 reps

The Work Out
Set up a Circuit Course with Stations around Stinson Park 67th Street Pavilion
10-Burp-Ups Mosey to next station
10 Mountain Climbers Merkins (3Mtn Climbers IC-1 Merkin) Lunge to next station 10 IC Crab Cakes Rabbit Hop to next Station
10 IC Monkey humpers Run around Circle
20 Dips Lunge to next station
10 Mountain Man Poopers Bear Crawl to next station
20 IC SSH Mosey to Burp-Ups Station
Rinse and Repeat

Announcements: Parkinson’s Skate-a-thon and Pop Up Q

COT- Embracing the innocence of 2.0 and challenges when they get sick

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