January 11, 2020 | AO – Oracle (FNB parking garage – winter quarters)

PAX, 31. Honey Stinger, Tonight Show, Blue Suede, Falafel, Blue Chip, Slow Roast, Tater Tot, FDIC, Sandlot, A-Bomb, Khakis, Room Service, Vandelay, Wet Bandit, Lemon Law, Uncle Ricco, Tug Boat, Crawl, Chicklets, Wait Time, Reba, Selleck, Slick, Pot Hole, Crab Cakes, Gipper, Big One, Slow Pitch, Cyclone – and FNG, “WEBELO”


Weather:  cold as crap. 5 deg. 10 mph breeze – feels like legit cold

Cyclone n TC tag team on Purpose. Disclaimer. Core Values.  

Get a buddy –


  • SSH
  • Chinooks
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Tappy Taps
  • Shoulder Taps
  • Merkins

THANG: a continuous hands of time – with a buddy.  ‘six o’clock’ is the push – 15 Burpees. At end, yell, “LET’s ROLL” and pax run the entire hands of time circle passing last ‘hour’ and go to next station. At half time, will reverse direction.

Queue the music, Cyclone! Best Buddy Playlist.

  1. Thank you for being a friend
  2. You’ve got a friend in me
  3. Lean on me
  5. Why can’t we be friends
  6. Waiting on a friend
  7. You’re my best friend
  8. With a little help from my friends
  9. Stand by me
  10. I’ll be there
  11. Wannabe
  12. My best friend

THE THANG – stations, expecting 40 PAX… we adapted.

  1. Monkey Humpers and Right Arm Side Plank
  2. LBC & Merkins
  3. Air Squats & Werkins
  4. Flutter Kicks & Half-way-down static merkin
  5. Sumo Squats & Alternating single leg chill cut
  6. Reverse Crunches & Alternating single leg chill cut
  7. Left leg forward lunges & Ranger Merkin
  8. Freddy Mercs & Plank Jacks
  9. Right leg forward lunges & Carolina dry dockers
  10. Heels to heaven & alternating shoulder taps
  11. Al Gore (get deep!) & Pickle pushers
  12. Big Boys & Red Bull Smurph Jack
  13. Balls to wall & Hand release merkins
  14. V-Ups & Jump Tucks
  15. Air Squats & Crab Cakes
  16. Peter Parker & Hyper-Red-Bull-on-Acid Run in place
  17. Bonnie Blaire & Sobriety Sun Gods
  18. Left Arm side plank & JUST DANCE! And cheer others
  19. Mountain Climbers & Sobriety Cherry Pickers
  20. PUSH!   15 BURPEES & Alternating leg kicks

2 MoM.  

  1. Gas pumpers
  2. Reverse big boys
  3. Regular big boys
  4. Rosalita on the “WAFFLE HOUSE” OPEN

Circle of Trust:

Eyes to the side are animals that hide.

Eyes to the front, are animals that hunt.

We are hunters – and we hunt in a very complex way. Like a pack of wolves, but without fangs and claws. If the hunter is working on the prize, chucking a spear, it is best to have someone watching his six – because we can’t see our six, our blind spots, our jesters. We can only see from 9:00 to 12:00 to 3:00.  SO, our BESTIE is there to help us – to keep an eye on our six – and we keep an eye on theirs.  It’s good to have a bestie!

Building from the Q source on “shield lock” – A ‘bestie’ in this sense requires 3P.

Proximity: geographically close.  SO, put your arm around your buddy and let them know you are there!

Purpose: Commonality in mission, values, virtues.  Accelerating at the same rate…. Maybe at the same stage in life. Like our work out, we are all doing different things – different jobs, hobbies, families, etc – but we have common purpose & values.

Periodic: we need to check in our bestie, regularly.  Don’t wait for your gas tank to get empty before stopping for gas – be proactive, be prepared, be intentional and spend regular time with your bestie. It takes an investment of time to know your buddy – and know when and where and how you can keep on eye on each other’s six.  Pain is finite – so the more we parcel it out and share burdens – the easier it is to bare.

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