January 8, 2020//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal/ 20 degrees//

Pax:  2-Step, WaffleHouse (Respect), Babygrand, Shortstack, Tin Cup, Othello, Bubba Gump (Respect), Safe Ride, Selleck, T.C. (Respect), Biggie Smalls, Honey Stinger, Ponzie, Bloodshot, Stella, Beta Max

Q: Samples

 SHORT Warm O’ Rama


Side Straddle Hop 20 I/C

Plank Jack – 10 I/C

Sungods – 20 I/C


The Main Thing

Calf Raises – 15

Sumo Squats – 20 I/C

Dirty Dogs – 10 on each side

Planks for a 15 count and then right hand up for 15 count then all down for a 15 count and the left hand up for a 15 count and then all down for 15 – Rest for 10 count and then repeat.

Bent over Rows – 15

Merkans – 20

Upright Rows 15

Alternating Curls – 20 Overhead Tricep Extensions

Bobby Hurley’s – 20 or 10 on each side I/C

Workens 20

Partner ups – with one partner on their 6, cross lock hands and use your partner to pull yourself up 10 times

Planks for a 15 count and then right hand up for 15 count then all down for a 15 count and the left hand up for a 15 count and then all down for 15 – Rest for 10 count and then repeat.

Dirty Dogs – 10 on each side

Alternating Lunges – 20 or 10 on each side

Dead Lifts 15

Calf Raises


Box Cutters


Freddy Mercurys

American Hammers

Count Off


No Announcements

Silent Prayer Requests


This is the time of year many of us have tried to focus on resolutions or ways to be better me’s.  When we speak to the students at Westside High School, we talk about everyone has a bad day every once in a while.  It is really how we react to this bad day that is important.  When we spill our coffee, or get on the wrong side of a bad decision or in our high schooler’s case, get slammed by a nasty tweet, Instagram, or snap chat.  It is our natural instincts to tell everyone close to us that we are ok, we got this, I’m fine, leave me alone.  All the while we are distancing ourselves away from everyone – until we find ourselves backed into a corner and seeing nothing but the way in front of us and no way out.

When rotten things happen to us, we need to first realize that we need our “people” to build us up and bring us back to some rational thinking.

This is why I love F3!  F3 not only holds us accountable (this will be the COT for my next Q) but our brothers also build us up when we are not able to perform like we used to or even want to.  Like I said before, everyone has bad mornings, evenings, and bad days – so what can we do to keep ourselves from isolation and depression?

Random acts of Kindness – This happened to me last week – BloodShot bought me a hot chocolate and a breakfast bar.  The next day, I bought someone else their coffee.  It felt good getting a free hot chocolate and bar but is feels great sharing it with others.

Show gratitude – Give thanks for the things and more important the people in your life – I am especially thankful for your guys and allowing me to have a group of men to not only work out with but to be able to pray with after.

Smile – Tator Tot touched on this last week.  Its cheap and effective.  Turn to a partner and give them a fake smile and hold that fake smile for 5 seconds.  You can’t without it turning genuine.  I used to do this when my now 16 year old was younger and having a bad attitude.  I would tell him during a basketball game, show me that you are ready to go back in.  He would hold his very teethy smile for five seconds and then it would gradually turn real.  He was ready.  I am and I think you guys are too.

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