January 7, 2020//Stinson Park//AO- Cornhusker Handicap//28 degrees//

10 Pax: Bubbles (Silence), Crawl, Slow Pitch, FNG (hereinafter Frosty), Cyclone (Respect!), Jean Claude, Othello, OMT, Huffy, Fire Walker, Tater Tot, Brazilian, Doc Brown,Folsom

Q: Folsom

Folsom welcomed the PAX and the FNG, warning them all that although Folsom is a really nice guy; they aren’t going to like him for the next 45 minutes. Folsom then gave the disclaimer, defined the 3 F’s, gave the 5 core principles, and accidentally omitted the mission statement, all with the delivery of a true professional.


  1. Mosey to Giant Christmas Tree?
  2. Shoulder Taps ICx20
  3. Mountain Climbers ICx20
  4. Harry Rockettes ICx12
  5. Imperial Squat Walkers ICx12
  6. Tempo Merkins x12

The Pre-Thang: Folsom lead the PAX on another mosey over to his Soccer Mom-mobile, had them count off, then he told them to grab half as many coupons as there were men, and finally had them line up on the sidewalk towards the center of the park. Folsom explained that we were going to do a Fire Brigade to move the coupons to the center of the park for the Thang. The PAX at the front of the line passed the coupon to the next person and then ran to the back of the line. The next person repeated the same and we made our way to the park epicenter with 7 coupons to start the Thang.

The Thang: Fun with Coupons

Classic Grinder. One partner runs across the park to the stage and back (approx. 100 yards) while the other partner does the following exercises AMRAP with a 35 lbs. coupon. Rinse and Repeat for around 3 trips down the following list.

  1. Man Makers
  2. Gas Pumpers
  3. Curls
  4. Thrusters
  5. Rows
  6. Swings
  7. Over Head Press

This went on until Folsom called Omaha (06:02). Then Folsom had the PAX Fire Brigade the coupons back to his car, I don’t how simply reversing direction fucked the whole thing up, but it happened. All the coupons got bunched up and we had to wait for the guys without coupons to run to the front of the line. Anyway we eventually made our way to Folsom’s car and put the coupons away before Folsom lead the PAX on a very short mosey back to the shovelflags for Mary.


  1. Noktar N’Jai ICx15
  2. Heels to Heaven ICx25
  3. Slow Freddy Mercury ICx15
  4. 4. Super T’s ICx20
  5. Slow American Hammers ICx20

Mummblechatter:  Folsom was worried that he was too far from the FNG during the thang to keep an eye on him, but Folsom heard someone offering great encouragement and saw that Slow Pitch was his partner and Folsom knew all was good. It’s one of the best things about this group; we are leaders, even when it isn’t our turn to lead.

COT:  Folsom gave the COT he needed to hear. Stoicism is an ancient Greek philosophy about focusing on the things that you can control and especially your reactions to the things you can’t control. Specifically he referred to Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and Stoic philosopher. Marcus Aurelius spoke about the Gladiator and how he can control his preparation for a fight, but he can’t control the contest itself. He can train to be stronger and more skilled, but he can’t control what his opponent is going to do in the ring and therefore he cannot control the outcome. The gladiator must know what he can control and focus on that and more importantly he must accept what he cannot control. Finally, he can control his reaction to the things out of his control, such as the outcome of the match. He shouldn’t be angered about losing and he shouldn’t be thrilled about the cheers he receives for winning, because both are external and out of his control. Folsom needs a daily reminder to accept the things he cannot control. Folsom admits that he’s pretty good at controlling things, but when things don’t go the way he wants he can get pretty pissed and he knows he needs to focus on doing the best he can to prepare and then letting go of the results and controlling his reactions to them.

Aye- Folsom

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