01.07.2019 – Make a decision – Wild Kingdom Back Blast

Wild Kingdom Backblast: Make a Decision

January 07, 2020 | AO – Wild Kingdom | Lake Zorinsky Park | 27°

PAX: Tap Out, Armbar, Tonight Show, Wait Time, Hi-hat, Crab Cakes, Hard Hat, Thomas, Blue Suede, Rancid, Hog, Mufasa, Barn Door, Slick, Slow Roast, Uncle Rico
Q: Uncle Rico

Uncle Rico welcomed 16 PAX to a beautiful morning at Wild Kingdom. Stated the 5 core principals of F3, open to all men, always free, always outside no matter the weather, peer led in a rotating fashion, always ends in the COT. Mission of F3 to plant, serve and grow small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.
PAX moseyed to warm-a-rama.
• SSH 25 IC
• Imperial Walkers – 20 IC
• Cherry Pickers – 20 IC
• Sun gods – 20 – 10 each way IC
• Failure to launch – 7 I believe ( great job guys )

PAX moseyed back to close to the shovel flags for the THANG. PAX arrived, split into 3 groups and Uncle Rico explained the beatdown. Each group would go to one of the 3 stations, the push group had an exercise to complete before running to the next station, the next station was amrap until pushed, once pushed they would run to the final station, at the final station the exercise was amrap until pushed. Once pushed they would run to the first station.

First Station –
• Blockies – 20
• Shoulder taps IC – 20
• Clap Merkins – 20
• Scorpion Dry Docks on blocks – 20
• Breakdance Merkins – 20

Second Station – amrap
• Air Drama
• Sumo Squat
• Box Jumps
• Monkey Humpers
• Imperial Squat Walkers

Third Station – amrap
• Box Cutters
• LBC’s
• Low Dollies
• WWII setups
• Heals to Heaven

Omaha was called at 0608 and Pax moved coupons and PAX Moseyed back to shovel flags for mary
• Freddie Mercuries – 20 IC
• American Hammers – 31 IC – (Thank you Armbar)

• Uncle Rice talked about not limiting ourselves. Reflected on the fact that 4 months ago Uncle Rico never would have believed he could be doing the workouts that he is and leading the workouts like he is, so don’t limit ourselves. We can do so much more than we give ourselves credit for, take the steps to believe in ourselves and push our limits!!!
• Sparty doing a pop up workout on the last Saturday of January, more information to come.
• Coffeteria/3rdF at Starbucks

Aye –
Uncle Rico

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