AO: The Pit (Halleck Park)

Weather: Cold

PAX: Crab Cakes, Sourdough, Huffy, Firewalker, Bloodshot, Tenderfoot, Biggie Smalls, Folsom, The Plague, Lemon Law

QIC: Lemon Law

YHC welcomed PAX. Mission given- we’re going to focus on the F3 mission today. Core principles and disclaimer also given. 

PAX mosey’d to the area by the outdoor gym for…


5 Burpees OYO

String Rippers x10

Sun Gods x10F, x10R

Mountain Climbers x10

Windmills x10

SSHs x15

Mosey to the field north of the playground (1) for…

The Thang

***I need to note this Thang is almost identical to one Wojo gave in Greensboro last week – credit to that HIM (it’s not plagiarism – it’s an homage!).

PAX split into 3 groups. Each group completes a base, sprints around the “base path” to home, and starts on each round there. When all groups are home, entire group does exercise x20 IC. 

All exercises x20 IC unless noted. 

1st Base 

P- Parker Peters

L- Lunges x10 each leg

A- Alternating shoulder planks

N- No Surrenders x10 each side (2)

T- Turkish get-ups x10 each side (3)

2nd Base

G- Gorilla jumpers

R- Red Bull smurf jacks

O- Outlaws (3)

W- Werkins

And – American Hammers

3rd Base

S- Scorpion Dry Docks

E- Eleven burpees

R- Ranger merkins

V- Vigodas

E- E2Ks, x10 each side


Round 1: Merkins

Round 2: Squats

Round 3: WWII sit-ups 

Round 4: SSHs

Rinse and repeat. PAX got through 5 rounds before Omaha was called. PAX moseyed to the virtual shovel flag for…


Moon gods x10 each side

Low dollys x30

LBCs x30 (thanks Folsom!)

Hammers x30 (thanks Bloodshot!)


** TAPs for PAX on the IR. Reach out to encourage them, let them know their missed, try to have some 2nd F with them. 


You know the F3 mission. As the new year starts, we need to work on GROWing F3 (I confess I’ve been lax on EH’ing – we can still do this in winter!), which helps us PLANT more AOs. We need to SERVE: step up and Q (or Q more often), and serve your communities- note the plural. Your communities are your M, your 2.0s, your F3 brothers, Omaha (and the metro). But don’t neglect serving your your family to serve F3 and Omaha. All of this enhances our ability to LEAD – lead in your communities. 


Lemon Law 


  1. It’s important to scout your location. E.g., I was going to use a baseball field this AM, but they were harder than concrete, so audibled to grassy field. 
  2. Despite the slightly better terrain, No Surrenders were quickly changed to Copperheads as bumpy, frozen ground sucked for kneecaps. 
  3. Reaearxh has shown one indicator of overall fitness (esp. as you age) is your ability to get up from the floor without using one or both arms. I need to do more Turkish get-ups. 
  4. Outlaws are simple, but I forgot to write down the explanation. Thus, PAX were told to pick their own substitute. 
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The Pit

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