1/2/20 Futurama – Do be afraid to give your wishes to someone

AO- Futurama

Q- Slow Pitch

16 PAX: Khaki’s (Respect), Bubbles, Tater Tot, Tender Foot, Samples (Respect), Safe Ride, Polaroid, Lucky Charms, Merch, Honey Stinger, Blue Chip, Two Step, T.C., Jean Claude, The Plague, Slow Pitch

How the Gloom got started:  Gathered at shovel flags, tons of mumble chatter and anticipation of the workout, since No doze was out of town, guys were on the edge of their seats wondering if we were going to have Mary.

Mission Statement and Principles of F3:

Slow Pitch had the F3 mission statement and 3 out of the 5 Core Principles memorized, which is pretty good for a guy that finished school with a 2.43 GPA. He’s clearly not a professional and he proved it throughout the workout.

The PAX was instructed to mosey around the circle one and a half times then circle up near the rose garden, surrounding the holiday lights. These lights didn’t distract the attention off of Slow Pitch’s inability to Q but added a nice background effect while he was flailing his arms around. 


​SSH:  20IC

​Burpees:  10 Together

Cherry Pickers with Calf Raises on the 1’s and 3’s (oh good lord what a challenge). Slow Pitch has no idea what he was doing – disaster

Squatting Chinooks: Residual disaster cadence with mumble laughter – no idea how many, but more than 10, less than 20

Burpees:  10 Together

The Pre-Thang:

​After completely losing control of the PAX, we took a short mosey to the hill on the East, got in team of 3’s, one at bottom of hill, one at the top, one running between.  Guy at bottom is doing AMRAP Squats, while other is doing Backward Bernie’s up the hill and guy at top is doing AMRAP Jump Tucks. Complete these 4 times. Mumble chatter about whether or not we were going to get to the Thang. 

“Shhhhh, we’ll get there.”

Mosey:  To the center steps on the West side to introduce the Thang.

The Thang: At the 6 separate stairs sets (12 steps each set), your team of 3 at bottom or top of set of steps. All together 2 Derkins on each step down, or 2 Incline Merkins going up.Oops, the Q bit off a little more than he was expecting, ended up dragging his body down the steps on the final set of Derkins. This ended up being 72 Derkins and 72 Incline Merkins.

At landing’s going up:

20 LBC’s IC totaling 60

At Landings going down:

20 Big Boys totaling 60

Rinse and Repeat up, around and down, until Omaha was called after 6 sets.


Mosey to shovel flags for Mary (No Doze was gone, so no one to govern)

​American Hammers: alternating PAX, 10 on 10 off, for a total of 80

​Low Dolly’s: 25

​Freddy Mercury’s: Khakis took us out with 30

Announcements:  Prayers for OMT’s family and other PAX members. First Friday at Flagship Commons.

COT:  For 2020, what are you willing to do for others?  

Slow Pitch expressed that 2019 was the best year of his life that he can remember, outside of the events of marriage and birth of children, ’19 was amazing.  He believes there is a direct correlation to getting involved with F3 and how the year went.

For 2020, Slow Pitch wants to be less selfish. He has found that when he is trying to think of others first, not focused on what he’s missing out on, or what he thinks is being taken from him.

In a healthy manner, start to do something for someone else, make a little personal sacrifice to benefit someone else’s life.  Let them in your lane in traffic, hold the door, donate your time, run with the six or help them get that last rep.

Slow Pitch discussed seeing the movie Peanut Butter Falcon and the positive impact it had on him. It is about companionship and adventure as a team, friend, family or brother and in it one of the characters told his friend “I’m going to give you all of my wishes for my birthday.”  

Don’t be afraid to give your wishes to someone.

Tater Tot took us out in prayer.

Happy 2020, hugs and fist bumps!

– Slow Pitch

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