AO: Copperfields

Date: 12/26/19

Weather: 28° with a slight breeze

PAX: Cyclone, FDIC, Jean-Claude, Rollbar, Uncle Rico, Lemon Law

QIC: Lemon Law

YHC welcomed the PAX, and bade them a merry day-after-Christmas. Mission and disclaimer were given. 

PAX moseyed to far goalpost for Warm-a-rama:

SSHs x15 IC

Windmills x10 IC

Imperial Walkers x10 IC

String Rippers x10 IC

Sun Gods x10 IC fwd, x10 IC rev

PAX then moseyed along the path to just across the street to the east. At this point, YHC dropped a Rollbar special, specifically: BOMBS!

PAX split into groups of 2. Partner #1 ran toward the bench by the lake approx. “70 yards away” (actually it was ~200 yds per Google Maps) while Partner #2 started on 

Burpees – 50

Overhead claps – 100

Merkins – 150

Big Boys – 200

Squats – 250

At 6:05, all PAX did a minute of squats before we moseyed back to the shovel flag for Mary. 

Growing Pains (LBCs x30 IC, Big Boys x30 IC, Superman x30 sec)

Hammer x25 IC


I realized yesterday (Christmas) that I was letting little things take away from the joy of the time with family on this special day.

  • Don’t let little, or big, things get in the way of feeling joy throughout your day.

Also, regarding holiday joy, it seems everyone (generally) gets nicer this time of year. But that joy seems to fade by mid-January. 

  • Figure out for yourself how to maintain joy throughout the year, not just during holidays. 


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