12/31/19 30 Degrees but feels like 10 with a slight wind
13 PAX-TC(respect), Big one, Smashmouth, Safe ride, Stella, Beta Max, Trademark, Tender Foot, Gumbo, Room service, Samples(respect), Bloodshot, Armbar

The Pax has a short meeting in the parking lot to greet each other.  So excited for the gloom we couldn’t even make it to the entrance.  We head to the entrance and start the morning with the missions and 5 core principles. -To plant grown and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.  1. It’s free.  2. Is held outdoors.  3. Open to all men.  4. Peer lead in a rotating fashion.  5. ending in a circle of trust.

Warm-o-Rama Short mosey half lap around the track and meet at the W. SSH 15 IC Tappy Taps 15 IC Hillybilly Walkes 15 IC Alternating Shoulder Tap 15 IC Circle Burps 7

Pre-Thing Vision Quest- Based off the hit 80’s movie and by far the best wrestling movie out there. Pax is told to lie down on the group with chest on the center circle about 2 feet apart from each other, then the man on the end must jump and run with large steps over each man on the ground and lie down in the last spot.  At this point someone decides to do a chill cut, because why not we’re here to work out.  The rest of the pax joins in.  About the 3rd rotation some ground slapping and we will rock you breaks out.

The Thang The Ladder- Starting at the goal line you run to the 10yrd line and back.  When returning you must do 10 reps in any number of a combination of reps choosing from 3 different exercise Merkins Bonnie Blairs Chilly Jacks Continue to the 20yrd line and back now with 20 reps.  Continue to 100 and back down. This was a you against you activity so all reps must be done on your own.  This lead to a silent 20 minutes of straight getting after it in the gloom.   Omaha is called and we meet at the W again for Mary

Mary Partner leg throw downs 10 left, 10 right, 10 center.  I’m very sad i missed out on these because of even numbers.   American Hammers 20
Reminder for Friday’s second F lunch at flagships common.  Prayers for Stella settling in to a new 2.0 and health for all his family.

CoT For some the thought of the New Year’s Resolution is almost annoying and laughable.  Due to the fact that so many people fail within the first 2 weeks.  But I look at it as a cool time where people are self reflecting.  We are all at F3 because we want to better ourselves, and there is beauty in that want to try and better ourselves.  You cant accomplish something without trying.  So that ladder was picked to show what the slow climb it can be to hit our goals.  It’s the climb up the ladder hitting every rung that makes the goal achievable.

Looking forward to 2020 with this group of HIM’s -Armbar

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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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