12/28/2019 – The Pit Backblast: Dig Deep

December 28, 2019 | AO – The Pit | Halleck Park | 37°
PAX: Tater tot, Gunner, Crawl, Smashmouth, Biggie Smalls, Wet Bandit, Slow Pitch, Rollbar, Beta Max, Jean Claude, Safe Ride, Bottle Rocket, Crab Cakes, The Plague, Uncle Rico
Q: Uncle Rico
Uncle Rico welcomed 14 PAX to The Pit. Reminded PAX that he is not a professional and to modify exercises as needed. Reminded PAX of the 5 core principles, and noticed there were no FNGs. Stated that F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership
PAX moseyed to the east side of the lake on the top of the hill for the warm-a-rama.
• SSH – 20 IC
• Hairy Rockettes – 20 IC
• Cherry Pickers – 20 IC
• Failure to Launch – 5? Not sure on count, went for the burn 😊
• Sun gods – 10 each direction
PAX moseyed back to shovel flags to go over the Thang and demonstrate a couple exercises. Counted off and split into 3 groups, Group 1 went to station 1, group 2 went to station, and group 3 ran around the lake from station 1 to station 2 and pushed group 2 to run around the lake to station 1 pushing group 1 to run around the lake to station 2. Continue cycle until Omaha was called.

Station 1:
• Air Drama – 20
• Plank Jacks – 20 IC
• Imperial Walkers – 20 IC
• Scorpion Dry Docks – 20 – 10 Each Leg
• Copperhead Squats – 20
• Merkin – 20
Station 2:
• Burpees – 10
• Hillbillies – 20 IC
• Sumo Squats – 20
• Mountain Climbers – 20 IC
• Hydraulic Squats – 20
• Dancing Chilcut – 20 – 10 Each Leg
Omaha was called and PAX moseyed back to the shovel flags
• American Hammers – 30 IC
• Uncle Rico talked about how the support of the group is important but that he has to dig deep within to really push himself to be better and stronger and with the support of his brothers he will make it farther. But it all starts with pushing ourselves because no one can drag me to where I need to be, only I can do that.
• Prayer
• YHC closed out in prayer.
Thank you to all the PAX for supporting each other in our growth. The fun continued with coffeteria at HyVee in Shadow Lake.
Uncle Rico

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