Cornhusker Handicap: Ringing in 2020 with 2020

12/31/19 | Cornhusker Handicap AO | Stinson Park | 26 Degrees, feels like 17

PAX: Ponzi, OMT, Lucky Charms, Vandeley, Jean Claude, Doc. Brown, No Doze, Fire Walker, Polaroid, Crawl, Slow Pitch, Tater Tot, Folsom, Bubbles

Q: Bubbles

Bubbles welcomed the PAX, gave the mission statement and the disclaimer.


SSH x 20 IC

Tappy Taps x 15 IC

Tater Taps x 15 IC

Sun Gods Forward x 10 IC

Sun Gods Backwards x 10 IC

Cherry Pickers x 15 IC


Ringing in 2020 with 2020

Inspired by No Doze’s 2001 a Space Odyssey workout out from the spring, I decided that we would modify it a little to help ring in the new year. The PAX performed 620 reps of exercises plus 1400 yards of running. In total it added up to 2020. Exercises were performed AMRAP, when the first PAX member reached 100 reps, the remainder of the PAX stopped where they were at, and the PAX ran as a group. Before the Thang started, the PAX was given a choice between picking beginning or end. If they picked beginning, burpees would be after the first 200 yard run, if they picked end, burpees would be before the last 200 yard run. The PAX picked beginning, and they were not told about what there choice got them until it was revealed at the after the first 200 yard run. Burpees were performed in six sets of 15 and one set of 10, with a 20 count in between sets.

10 – Pull ups

200 yard run

100 – Burpees

200 yard run

100 – Big Boy Sit Ups

200 yard run

100 – Monkey Humpers

200 yard run

100 – LBC

200 yard run

100 – Squats

200 yard run

100 – Merkins

200 yard run

10 – Pull ups


No Mary was performed.

Prayers and Announcements: 

Prayers for Jordan Shaw and all PAX and family and friends of PAX members.


Last Thursday I was seeing some friends that were back in town for the holidays. My friend Jordan was there, and he has a very unique story. Jordan and I went to high school together. When Jordan was two, he was diagnosed with cancer that wiped out his immune system, stunted his growth, and put him in the hospital many times. As Jordan grew older, he had to continue to fight for his life. Many hospital stays later, frequent surgeries, and constant illnesses, were road blocks in Jordan’s life. Fast forward to now, Jordan has been dealing with kidney failure since before high school. Jordan has had two kidney transplants, failure of his original two kidneys, failure of both his transplants, and dialysis many times throughout the week to filter his blood. 

Over the weekend, Jordan got the call that there was a possible donor for a new kidney. Jordan was ecstatic, since it has been hard for him to get a donor due to his age, and it having to be such an exact match. Not to mention this would be the final time he could receive a transplant. Jordan went to the hospital, was consulted by his team of doctors, and waited. After an emotional high, it was determined that Jordan would not get the kidney, and would have to wait for another one. Throughout the whole process, Jordan has oozed positivity. He does not let any of this hold him back. Yes there are ups and downs, but he has found a way to find the best in life, and lives everyday trying to better the world around him. We need to be more like him. He finds the light in the dark, he cherishes everyday, and he loves everyone. Jordan has never been to an F3 workout, but in my book, he is an honorary member until he can come, even if it is just to share his story. 

A text message from Jordan with more details about what he is going through was also shared, but do to privacy, I chose to keep it in the CoT. I love you Jordan, and I hope things turn the corner soon.



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