The latest Backblast ever? Christmas light Ruck tour

Oscar Mike: Christmas Light Tour  

December 14th, 2019//Halleck Park//AO- Oscar Mike//20 degrees (decent wind) 

3 Pax: Roll bar, Bloodshot, Betamax  

Q: Beta Max  

Ho Ho…. uh, oh…. it’s past Christmas already?  Oops.  This Blastback might just make some sort of F3 Omaha or F3 Nation record for late submission. Anyhow… 

Beta Max welcomed the PAX to Oscar Mike back on December 14th at 0600 and went through the F3 mission statement, purpose and disclaimer before hitting the trail (the Papio Trail, that is).  Even in the brisk winter temperature, the waterfall along the West Papillion Creek flowed at a decent speed without any ice forming.  

The City of Papillion outdid themselves this year with six holiday light displays that made working out in the morning gloom quite a bit brighter for Oscar Mike devotees.  

After tackling ¾ of a mile as a warm up, the PAX emerging from the Papio Trail and marched up Papillion’s Main Street for the light tour: 
Stop 1: Papillion Library – 20 x air squats 

*Christmas tree lights 
Stop 2: Papillion City Hall – 20 x ruck bicep curls 

*White lights that matched those displayed on Main Street 
Stop 3: Papillion First Street Plaza – 20 x ruck swings 

*Holographic lights displayed on the ground 
Stop 4: Papillion City Park – 20 x merkin’s in front of nativity scene  

*Baby Jesus.  Enough said. 

Stop 5: Papillion pedestrian bridge over Main Street x 20 American hammers 

*Red, green and white lights all over the bridge 
Stop 6: Papillion Veteran’s Park 

*Patriotic red, white and blue lights. 
Two rucks were used to perform 10  “Chevy Chase” exercises (bringing both rucks from your sides together in front of your chest (like electrical plugs from the famous Christmas Vacation movie lights scene) while the other members performed air squats. 
The PAX double-timed it back to the shovel flags to drop our packs and make a quick name-o-rama video before LemonLaws’s racket ball court beatdown 

2.68 miles . . . 58 minutes 52 seconds 

On the move!  



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