12/24/19: The Oracle – Christmas Eve Convergence 7:00am Edition: A Weird Brotherhood

Temp: 40 degrees… it was very nice. 

PAX: Rancid, Wait Time, Blue Suede, Tincup, Armbar, Swinger, The Worm, Beta Max, Vandalay, Placebo, Baby Grand, Pothole, Slick, Beau Fisher (FNG Curtain Call), Room Service, DuFrene, John Landrie (FNG Renaissance), and Othello – 18 HIM

Q: Othello

2 FNG’s today – Othello presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer.

Mosey – The PAX moseyed  to south parking lot for warm-a-rama. 

Warm – A – Rama

15 SSH

15 Pickle Pusher

15 Goofballs

15 Pickle Pointers

15 Monkey Humpers

Mosey – The PAX moseyed  to hill by the lake for The Thang.

The Thang

  • Divided the PAX into groups of three men. 
  • Each group did the following exercises:

12  Big Boys

12 Air Squats

12 Merkins

12 Bobby Hurley’s

12 Carolina Dry Docs

  • After each set, the groups bear crawled up the hill.
  • Once they got to the top, each group did 3 Circle Burps.
  • They then went back down the hill and RINSE and REPEAT 

Tunnel of Love:

  • The PAX held a high plank while each HIM crawled through the Tunnel of Love

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to half way spot (west side of football field), held for the 6th in Al Gore.

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to the flags for 6MOM.


15 Heels to Heaven – lead by Room Service 

15 LBCs – lead by Rancid

15 Low Dollys – lead by Slick

15 Freddie Mercury – lead by Armbar



Please be mindful and donate winter clothing for those families in need. 

No workouts on Christmas day, regular workouts will resume on Thursday. 

Reach out to Safe Ride if you need a ride during this holiday season, check Slack for more info. 


Pray for all the families and loved ones of F3.

Message from the Q:

Thank you for being my brothers and offering an opportunity for growth through our weirdness.

It’s weird to wake up at 5am to workout outside with other men.

It’s weird to not only do one workout, but to do two workouts with other men.

It’s weird to do everything above in addition to being Christmas Eve and the fact we rolled and crawled through geese poop.

Yea, we do some weird things but that is okay because we are doing it together, as a brotherhood and we are growing because of that. 

Thanks for coming to the second workout at the Christmas Eve convergence. You are all my brothers and I love getting weird with you all. Have a great holiday season!



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