On a brisk Friday, December 27 morning, 28 PAX join outside the gates of the Pyramid of Burnout. (Great work to the 8 or so pre runners and 3 pre Rucker’s!) Tater Tot gave a short introduction, welcomed an FNG and were quickly on our way for a short mosey up the pyramid stairs to then meet at the 50 yard line of Burke High School‘s football field.

PAX: Big One, Smashmouth, Othello, Gumbo, Slow Pitch, Armbar, Beta Max, Room Service, Forty5 (FNG/Hate!), Mac N’ Cheese (Hate!), Crab Cakes, Tin Cup, Wentworth, FDIC, Vandelay, Saul, Cicero, Dufresne, The Curse, Spinal Tap, Sparty, Chiclets, Stretch, Doc Brown, Rollbar, Uncle Rico, Bubbles (no hate) and Tater Tot


Side Straddle Hop – 20 IC

In and Out Jump Squats – 20 IC

Hillbillies – 15 IC

Tappy Taps – 12 IC

Tater Taps – 10 IC

Mountain Climbers – 15 IC

Yahtskis – (lots of ways to spell) – 10 on down and PAX were encouraged to yell Yahtski! at the top of the ninja like kick. This portion was performed to perfection.

(3/4 mosey around cones to meet at the first corner of the Pyramid of Burnout)

The Thang – Pyramid of Burnout Century Style: PAX were instructed to complete two separate exercises rotating back and forth starting with 10 reps each exercise and making their way down all the way to one set.

Corner Cone 1 (This totals 100 Merkins and 100 LBC’s in cadence for those counting)

10 Merkins
10 LBC’s IC
9 Merkins
9 LBC’s IC….all the way down to one
1 Merkin

After a ten count and a genuine interest from the crowd if Tater Tot would actually make the PAX go back up the Pyramid, he did.

2 Merkins
2 LBC’s IC
3 Merkins
3 LBC’s IC… all the way back up to ten
10 Merkins
10 LBC’s

After completion Tater Tot instructed the PAX to again take a 3/4 mosey at 75% to the next cone and at this point Tater had zero friends.

Corner Cone 2 (100 Sumo Squats and 100 Cherry Pickers) Tater asked Othello (who later turned into Stella! which was weird because Stella! was at The Woodshed. Sorry about that Othello!) to lead the climb up the Pyramid and appreciated his leadership.

Corner 3 (55 Side Straddle Calf Raises/45 SSH and 100 High Knees)

After 10, 9 and 8 of Side Straddle Calf Raises it was clear that only Slow Pitch and his beast like calves might have a chance of surviving the climb back up the pyramid so Tater adjusted to regular SSH to conclude Corner 3 and also realized we were not fully going to finish so did a short mosey to the 4th Corner.

Corner Cone 4 (Planks Jacks and Freddy Mercury’s) This final cone acted as Mary/core.

Because of time we only completed rounds 10, 9, 8 and 7 which was very disappointing to Tater Tot.

COT – Thank you Bubbles for reminding the Q to count off prior to name o rama.

Naming of our FNG – Jeff Altman who was in town from Minneapolis for a wedding got suckered into posting and was given the awesome name of Forty5 which was a play off of his SleepNumber bed.

First Friday Lunch (January 3) at flagship at Westroads Mall

Prayers for Chiclets friend having surgery

Prayers for Mac N’ Cheese and Forty5’s friends who are getting married this weekend

A prayer request from Safe Ride for a friend or family member I believe. Lost track.

Tater tot used his workout theme of burnout as part of his circle of trust message in that we all feel and experience burnout in our daily lives whether it is with our body and our workouts or it is with a relationship with a friend or a family member or a spouse or significant other or just the daily grind at work. When we feel this exhaustion or burnout similar to when our body needs care we also need to listen to when our mind and heart need care or a relationship that needs care and to nurture those feelings and listen to those needs in order to be a positive impactful to those we are surrounded by on a daily basis. If we don’t take care of ourselves we aren’t able to take care of those we love so dearly. It is important to remind ourselves as Slow Pitch once said that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves and to remind ourselves that others are watching how we act and lead in this community. If we don’t take care of ourselves we may not be setting the positive example we are encouraged to do. Tater Tot left with a quote from Lou Holz, “ It’s not the load that breaks you, but the way you carry it”. (Bubbles reminded Tater Tot of another important miss and that anytime you quote Lou Holtz it is much more impactful if you say it in Lou’s voice…).

Thank you again for allowing me to lead this group as it helps me grow just as much as it hopefully helps the packs grow.


Tater Tot

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