FUTURAMA BACKBLAST: Increase your life expectancy

12/26/2019 | Futurama AO | Memorial Park

PAX:11 – Tater Tot, Gunner, Stella, Safe Ride, The Plague, Bubbles, Khakis (R), Slow Pitch, Tugboat, Betamax, No Doze

QIC: No Doze

Weather:  32 degrees, 23 real feel.  As always, perfect weather for a No Doze Q.

At 10:00 pm the night before, YHC decided to forego my initial planned beatdown of nothing but running stairs.  Instead, decided upon an EMOM and a small group workout that took all of 10 minutes to devise.

We had all regulars in attendance, so only gave the disclaimer and got right down to business.  Moseyed once around the colonnade and then around the flagpole for a quick


          -SSH -20 IC

          – Tappy Taps – 15IC

          -Sun Gods – sobriety style – 12IC each direction

-Alternating step ups – 10 IC

There was extreme mumblechatter throughout warm-a-rama, which continued as the PAX moseyed to the esplanade at the foot of the stairs.

Tater Tot warned YHC that it might be an effort to get this small group of chatty Cathys under control.  After fumbling with the stopwatch for a minute, the The pre-THANG commenced. About 5 minutes later, mumblechatter ceased entirely. 

EMOM: 5 merkins, 5 squats, 1 burpee.  Rest for remainder of the minute, add one burpee each round until you complete 10 burpees in the last set. 50 merkins/50 squats/55 burpees in 10 minutes.

We initially had two groups of five until Tugboat came in hot during warm-a-rama.  Thus, the PAX split into two groups of 5 and 6, respectively, for The THANG:

          The group performs each exercise together AMRAP, while members of the group take turns running up and down the stairs (one flight, not all three as originally planned).  Once each Pax has completed the stairs, the group switches to the next exercise.

AMRAP Exercises:


Mountain Climbers

Big Boys

Copperhead Squats




Dying Cockroaches

Alternating Lunges

Incline Merkins

Bobby Hurleys

Both groups made it through all exercises and Omaha was called with 5 minutes to spare for COT

6 MoM: Not at Futurama


          –Name-o-Rama in the BOM

-Announcements:  TAPs for family friend of Khakis, TAPs for my M’s Grandpa Bud on his 90th B-day. 

-Two workouts available on New Year’s Day 2020.

-As Grandpa Bud is turning 90 today, thoughts turned to an article I read recently regarding centenarians and common traits of those that live to 100.  The main themes were to live simply, and to find meaning in the simple things.  Recalled story of centenarian from Greece who, when he was younger, was walking to work, and saw a friend. They sat down and started chatting. Another friend arrived. Then another and another, until over the course of the day, eight of them were there drinking bottles and bottles of wine, and none of them went to work. This fellowship was what was most meaningful. They walked to work, saw a friend, and decided that the most important thing to do that day was to live life and engage their relationships.

-YHC closed with prayer to keep families joyful, safe, and healthy.  Prayers for Pax traveling over holidays, continued mild weather, and the fortitude to continue posting when the weather inevitably turns nasty.

-Cyclone joined 10 of us at Coffeteria for fellowship.    



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