Oscar Mike Backblast: The sound of a thousand Geese waking up

December 21, 2019//Boys Town//AO- Oscar Mike//25 degrees

4 Pax: Beta Max, Rancid, Roll Bar, and Folsom

Q: Folsom

Folsom welcomed the PAX to Oscar Mike, gave an abbreviated version of the mission statement and disclaimer because these three HIM know the drill forwards and backwards at this point. Folsom began the ruck by pointing West and saying, “Let’s Ruck this way.” By the end of the hour, the PAX rucked 3 miles and made one stop for a warm-a-rama inspired pain station.


  • SSH ICx25
  • String Rippers ICx12
  • Overhead Press of our rucksacks ICx20
  • Bent Over Rows of our rucksacks ICx20
  • Up Right Rows of our rucksacks ICx20

Mumblechatter: We covered some never before seen ground of the Boys Town campus, causing the PAX to wonder if Folsom was leading them to a secluded spot to murder them. Funny the things you talk about walking around in the dark. The highlight though was walking around the lake and getting close enough to the sleeping flock of geese to wake them up. They did not appreciate the early wakeup call and really let us have it. I’ve never heard such noise from a flock of birds.

Aye- Folsom

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