December 18, 2019 | AO – Paradise Island | 17°

16 PAX: Safe Ride, Gunner, Rancid, Whiteclaw, Fire Walker, Armbar, Bubbles, Blue Suede, Slow Pitch, Jean Claude, Splinter (Cell), FDIC, Wait Time, Honey Stinger, Tater Tot, and your humble Q Lucky Charms.

Even after a late Tuesday night 2nd F opportunity at the Creighton Basketball game (thanks Tater Tot and Polaroid), LC welcomed 15 PAX promptly at 5:15. Reminded everyone that F3 stands for Fitness, Fellowship & Faith and that we were going to focus on the First F. Noted that he PAX that he is not a professional and to modify exercises as needed. Lastly, gave the 5 core principals and got started.

Incredibly short mosey (TBD on if the distance is F3 Heavy approved) to the end of the parking lot and performed Warm-A-Rama, which was distracting due to LC evidently just starting puberty still and having his voice crack.


● SSH – 20 IC

● High Knees – 15 IC

● Tappy Taps – 10 IC

● Alternating shoulder taps – 15 IC

● Sun Gods – 10 IC each direction


LC instructed the PAX that we were going to perform the FBI’s Physical Fitness Test, modified to make it a bit tougher and done in a shorter amount of time. Everyone partnered up and stated with the first exercise. One member performed as many big boys as possible in a minute, while their partner held their feet while in the plank position. After completing the first minute, PAX switched places.

The next stage was a 300 meter sprint. Due to ice and traffic, this was likely a bit further, but nonetheless was done safely.

With the 6 in, the next portion of the exam was merkins. One partner performed as many merkins as possible in a minute while the other partner held an Al Gore. After that minute, partners switched places and repeated the exercise.

PAX then started the running portion of the test up the final rose. Everyone gathered at the top and waited for the 6 before continuing to the playground.

At the playground, one partner would perform as many pull ups as possible until failure. LC instructed that these should be done with good form, having everyone go down to straight arms at the bottom. While one partner was on the pullups, the other was performing alternating lunges.

Upon completion of this stage, LC gave a quick breather to the PAX by taking time to note the difference in our workout today compared to the actual exam. With that short break, and appreciation for what we were accomplishing together, we started the mosey back to the shovel flags.

This would complete a normal FBI PFT, but the fun continued for F3 Omaha today. After circling up, we completed two rounds each of 10 Bunny Blairs (these are Bonnie Blairs with a bit of a hop in between each lunge and done IC) and 10 Merkins with row IC. With those done, a brief Mary was held that included two rounds each of 30 Low Dollies done on the open and 20 Big Boys.


✔ Announcements/Prayers

o Hump Day Happy Hour … Maybe? Check Twitter and Slack for more info

o Continued prayers for Splinter (Cell!) and his family as they wait for news on timing. Look to Slack for more details.

o Prayers for the Rider brothers’ grandma as she continues her battle with illness

o Prayers for Bubble’s wife’s grandma

o Prayers for Mama and Papa Stinger

o Congratulations and continued prayers for Stella and his new 2.0

o Prayers for Safe Ride’s mom and dad (on his birthday!)

o T Claps for Rollbar’ leadership and acceleration and he continues to lead F3 Omaha in the Growruk this year. Look for more information from him.

✔ COT/Prayer

o Today’s test was done with a simple goal: take time to appreciate growth. We continue to look for ways to grow and accelerate, but it’s equally important to take a step back and appreciate the growth we achieve in all aspects of our life.

o LC shared a quote about the FBI holding fidelity, bravery and integrity as a way of life. These are similar traits that we see in PAX every morning. Thank you for exemplifying these characteristics and being men of high character.

✔ Coffeteria and QSource discussion were held at Paradise.



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