12-17-19: Has it Been a Year Already? What a GRIND!

Khakis on the Q for his One Year F3 Anniversary – it was brisk 25 degrees with no wind.  26PAX including The Plague, Betemax, Honey Badger, Tin Cup, Blood Shot, Tug Boat, Greek Freak, Stretch, Polaroid, Blue Suede, TC, Tender Foot, Tater Tot, Pony Express, Smashmouth, Big One, Room Service, Ponzi, Stella, Chicklets, Slow Pitch, Safe Ride, Blue Chip, Tuna Fish, Weight Time with Khakis on the Q gathered around the shovel flags where he welcomed everyone to F3 Fitness Fellowship and Faith he gave the Core Principles, the Disclaimer and then he had them number off in groups of three, and then announcing that was Warmarama and they moseyed  to the football field and gathered the goal line where they were given instructions for the 3 Man Grinder (see below) with a 40lb weight vest shared throughout the workout amongst The Pax.

The Grinder:

Separate in groups of 3 one in each end zone with one partner running 100 yards between end zones relieving one of their partners and beginning the exercise.  Once you have completed each exercise 2 times move to the next one.  If needed Rinse & Repeat.

All exercises are AMRAP

  1. SSH  in each end zone
  2. Squats  in each end zone
  3. Hit-It Burpees  in each end zone
  4. Hydro Squats  in each end zone
  5. LBCs in each end zone
  6. Mt. Climbers in each end zone
  7. Monkey Humpers in each end zone
  8. Freddie Mercurys in each end zone
  9. Bonnie Blairs in each end zone
  10. Cherrie Pickers in each end zone

Khakis Called Omaha and The Pax circled-up.  26 guys on their six, for 10 on and 10 off American Hammers with TC leading the final 10 for a total of 140 Hammers.

Announcements and Prayers were made: Splinter’s M is having her last checkup before her surgery on the 19th – with a reminder to get on the meal plan to help feed his small army of boys while his wife is recovering.  Also prayers for all the Pax that are hurting and ailing and praying for a healthy and speedy recovery. 

COT: Khakis then shared some of his personal journey, taking time to thank many of the Pax that were gathered that day.  He talked about the 40lb vest and what it symbolized to him and his personal weight loss.  But he asked what weighed more….a 40lb vest or clowns mask?   I think we all know the answer to that question.  I know he wants personally thank everyone that has helped him throughout his journey in his first year with F3…it’s just the beginning of greater things.   

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