Futurama: 12/12/19 – What’s Your Grind?

Temp: Mild morning of 32 degrees

PAX: Ponzi, Jean Claude, Polaroid, Pony Express, Honey Stinger, Tater Tot, Gunner, Rancid, Big One, Slow Pitch, STELLA, Firewalker, Chiclets (RESPECT), Beta Max, Folsom, Gumbo, TC (RESPECT), Khakis (RESPECT), and Othello. 19 HIM. 

Q: Othello

No FNG today – Othello presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement, the five core principles, and the disclaimer.  

Mosey – The PAX moseyed around the memorial site and then to the center of the Christmas tree to do Warm-a-Rama.


15 SSH

15 Cherry Pickers

15 Pickle Pushers

15 Bobby Hurleys

15 Monkey Humpers

Mosey – The PAX moseyed to the bottom of the stairs to begin The Thang.

The Thang:

4 Stations – Divide the PAX into four different groups. 

Station 1 – PUSHER – 60 Squats – Run Stairs x1 (up and down), Bear Crawl x1 (to top) – Al Gore for the 6th – move to station 2.

Station 2 – Merkins / Pickle Pointer – AMRAP – move to station 3

Station 3 – Big Boys / LBC – AMRAP – move to station 4

Station 4 – Dips / Derkins – AMRAP – move to station 1


Challenges to think about:

  • Push yourself on the AMRAP on the workout you feel you excel in.
  • Alternate leadership at Station 1 and Al Gore for the 6th in PUSHER, start the next station with everyone. 


15 Heels to Heaven

15 Low Dollys

15 Gas Pumpers

50 Hammers – Lead by Khakis (RESPECT)


    Gumbo found two jobs, he would like to thank the PAX for their support.

    Sign up on Slack to help donate meals for Splinter’s family.

    Please be mindful and donate winter clothing for families in need. 

    Creighton Basketball game is on Tuesday, Dec 17th, please reach out to Tater Tot if you and your family would like to attend, first come first serve, limit to 4.


    A kindergartner at Swanson Elementary father passed away.

    Keep Lowman, No Doze, Toadstool and Trademark in your prayers as they recover from their injuries. Also, reach out and connect with them. 

Message from the Q:

Finding your grind with the support of others

  • What’s your grind? What is something you do and keep doing?
  • How do you excel in your grind independently and with the help of others?


  • Find that grind and grind it out to become a better person. Play to your strengths and push yourself.


  • Who are the individuals that could help you with your grind in life? How could they support you? How could they push you and hold you accountable? Do they need to count aloud? Do they need to run next to you? Do they need to be present at the end, awaiting your arrival?
  • It’s a process and gonna take time but if you stay with it, that’s your grind. 
  • You’re always coming back to it.
  • Your grind will overall help you become a better person.

Thank you for making it out to FUTURAMA! Stay on the grind and support others on their grind!



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