December 14 | Boys Town | AO – Oracle | Weather – 19 and breezy

PAX: Blue Suede, TC, Tater Tot, Slow Pitch, Saul, Doc Brown, Blue Chip, Falafel, Dufresne, Cyclone, Slick, Rancid, Vandalay, A-Bomb, Tug Boat, Six Shooter, Compost, Selleck, Honey Stinger, Honey Badger, Chiclets, Reba, Ponzi, Wait Time

Q: Room Service

Welcomed 24 PAX to the Oracle.  Room service explained the mission of F3, the 3 F’s and the 5 core principles. Put out the disclaimer to modify and moseyed over to the farmers market.


  • Windmills – 10IC
  • Tappy Taps – 15IC
  • Imperial Walkers – 15IC
  • Morrocan Night Club – 15IC
  • Cherry pickers – 12IC
  • Jump Tucks – 15


BMW’s – 3 sets

10 Bobby Hurley, 10 Monkey Humpers IC, 10 Werkins


The PAX counted off in groups of 5 and worked through the pain stations (loved the grunting and groaning by Stinger and TC, max effort by those gents at station 3):

Station 1Station 2Station 3Station 3Station 4
Carolina Dry Docks – 20Merkins – 20Tires – PAX either pushed Air Squat – 25Jump tucks – 15
Copperhead Squat – 20 ICLunge 10/legor carried tire to halfwayHand release – 15Big Boy – 15
E2K – 10/sideLBC’s – 20ICacrosss fieldLow dolly – 15ICWerkin – 20
Monkey Humper – 20ICBurpee – 10and then backCalf raise – 35Bobby Hurley – 15


Plank – 60 seconds

American Hammer – 100 speed counts

Plank – 60 seconds


I wanted to hit on a point that has been brought up before and it goes hand in hand with F3 and how we pick up the six.  The significance of the 100 reps during the American Hammer is in connection that over 100 US men take their lives daily. Male depression is a real thing and the holidays and winter are a peak time for people as they deal with a multitude of emotions and expectations.  Look after that guy whether it’s at work, a friendship that has fallen off, or a complete stranger – a simple hello in the grocery store can give people hope.  So keep doing what you are doing and spreading our message. 


  • Room Service is watching over the Oracle while Lowman is out from surgery.  Please reach out to Room Service if you’d like to Q the Oracle, all dates are open after December 21
  • T Claps to Ponzi for getting 24 members out on Friday for the Blood Drive, internal competition has begun to see who can donate a gallon the quickest
  • Creighton mens basketball game Tuesday, December 17; reach out to Tater Tot if you haven’t received your tickets yet
  • There are still some spots open for the Splinter meal list


  • Continued prayers for waffle house and his family
  • All the PAX dealing with mental or physical issues preventing them from attending the various AO’s 
  • Coffeeteria followed at Scooters and Karma
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Our mission is to plant, grow and serve small (free) workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership.


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