December 11th, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//25 degrees (No wind, snow or rain!)

11 Pax: Roll bar, Ponzi, Folsom, Cyclone (Respect!), TC (Respect!), Waffle House (Respect!), Gumbo, Bloodshot, Stella, Samples (Respect!), Othello, Uncle Rico, Betamax

Q: Beta Max

Beta Max welcomed the PAX to the Heavy Metal AO and covered the F3 mission statement, core principles (in reverse order) and disclaimer. 

Warm O’ Rama

  • Sun Gods ICx10
  • Reverse Sun Gods ICx10
  • Cherry Pickers ICx15
  • Seem rippers ICx15
  • Hillbilly’s ICx15

The Thang: 25 Days until Christmas

Heavy Metal’s workout was based on the advent season and the 25 day count down from December 1st to December 25th.  Stella reminded BetaMax that today was the 11th…BetaMax was not dissuaded and delivered a HoHoHorrible beat down.

Exercises (entire list was done twice)

25 x Dumbbell chest press

24 x Dumbbell flys

23 second superman

22 x Merkins

21 x Dumbbell rows

20 x Dumbbell snatches (10 each side) from the ground floor to the penthouse suite

19  x Goblet squats

18 x Side lunges (9 each)

17 x Calf raises

16 x Dumbbell shoulder press

15 x Dumbbell side raises

14 x Dumbbell Arnold shoulder press

13 x Shoulder shrugs

12 x Triceps extensions

11 x Bicep curls

10 x Triceps kick backs

9 x Half-bicep curls

8 x Big boys

7 x LBC’s

6 x Marge and Homer’s

5 x Freddie Mercury’s

4 x Gas pumpers

3 x Oh-yeah’s (on each arm)

2 x Off-the-ground legs/arms snow angels IC

1 minute plank


12/11/19 – Hump Day Happy Hour – Millard Local @ 7:00 p.m.

12/13/19 – Ponzi’s birthday blood drive followed by lunch at Big Fred’s from 11:00-1:00

COT: In this season of advent, it is easy to get busy with parties, gift purchases, end of year work deadlines, etc. but remember to stop, reflect and be thankful for the many blessings we have, especially our physical health and the ability to post alongside our brother’s in the gloom.

Beta Max ended in prayer.

Aye- Beta Max

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