Date:12-10-19 0530 AO:Colleseum  Weather:20°

PAX: Chiclets (R), STELLAAAAAA!, Folsom, Tenderfoot, Splinter, Blue Suade, Safe Ride, Tincup, Bloodshot, BetaMax

QIC: Rollbar

Rollbar, preoccupied with Pre-Rucking laps nearly missed his start time. Dashing from the gloom to the gathering PAX, he quickly gave his welcome, the purpose and mission and led the PAX to Colleseum’s gridiron to get started.


Side straddle hops, Tappy-Taps and Sungods were administered and Rollbar told the PAX that today’s beatdown came in the form of a WRECKTANGLE!

The Thang

Briefly explaning some of the more *AHEM* interesting exercises and ordered a lap on the track after each team finished a round Rollbar set the PAX on their way.

 The intended pattern was as follows:

*Alternating Shoulder Tap MERKINS x20ic

* Bear Crawl 20yds

*Bonnie Blairs x20ic

*Inchworm 20yds

*Breakdance Merkins x20ic

*Backwards Lunge 20yds

*Prisoner Squats x20ic

*Sprint across the field

*Burpies x20

*Army Crawl 20yds

*Ruck/Block Swings x20ic

*Lunges w/ knee touch 20yds

*Sumo Squats 20ic

*Crawl Bear 20yds

*Step out Merkins x20ic

*Sprint across

Upon finding the Army Crawl was going through the most snow covered section of field Rollbar shuffled the exercises a bit. This resulted in all of the Merkin variations being stacked. Ouch.

6 Minutes of Mary

 Sweat Angels x20ic

LBCs x20ic, courtesy of Folsom

American Hammers, 10 on 10 off for each PAX.



It’s a word common within F3, but I was thinking about what it meant. We often focus on accelerating our fitness, but we ought to be concentrating on accelerating and all aspects of our leadership. We all have an F that is weaker than the others, YHC encouraged the gathered PAX to press forward and accelerate all three F’s.

Prayers for Splinter and his M as her surgery is coming up quickly.

YHC closed in prayer and sent the PAX off to sieze the day.

Be Blessed,



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