Oscar Mike Backblast: Lakeside View

Saturday December 7, 2019 | Oscar Mike AO | Boys Town | 28 degrees (feels like 20)

4 PAX: Uncle Rico, Othello, Beta Max, and Rancid

VQ: Rancid

Four Omaha PAX gathered in the wee hours of a mild Saturday gloom with rucksacks in-tow.  Following a quick rendition of the F3 Purpose Statement and Disclaimer, Rancid led the PAX along a predetermined ruck route to bask in the sights along Boys Town Lake. Six pain stations were planned in advance, and the group completed their hike and all six stations at a much faster rate than anticipated. With twenty minutes to spare, the team continued exploring the eastern side of the AO. They incorporated three bonus pain stations before hoofing it back to the shovel flags for name-o-rama and pre-thang at The Oracle.  


  1. Dips x25
  2. Bobby Hurley’s x20 
  3. Double Step-Up’s IC x15
  4. Bear Crawl to Duck Walk
  5. Wall Sit (2min)
  6. Ascending Murkins x30 stairs
  7. Box Squats x30
  8. Elevated Plank (2min)
  9. Alternating Shoulder Taps IC x20

2.63 miles . . . 56 minutes 45 seconds

On the move! 



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