11/23/19 Oracle Backblast – Sprint, Walk, Talk

Oracle | Boystown AO | 11/23/19

Weather: 29 degrees

Pax: 32 – Folsom, Doc Brown, Crawl, Lucky Charms, Pothole, Slick (FNG), Tater Tot, Thor, Rollbar, Vandelay, Dufresne (H), Blue Chip, Reba, Coach K, Khakis (R), Room Service, Honey Stinger, Chiclets, Selleck, Tug Boat, Brazilian, Wentworth, Cyclone (R), Slow Pitch, Tuna Fish, Falafel, Rancid, TC (R), Honey Badger, Wait Time, Big One, No Doze

QIC: No Doze

Welcome: Disclaimer, core principles were recited – quickly – and we moseyed to the van lot for


30 Copperhead Squats – IC

15 High Knees – IC

10 Tappy Tapps – IC

10 Jump Tucks

Mosey to the football field for

The Thang:

The Spartan: Pax lined up on the goal line, and YHC explained he found a routine called “The Spartan” on the F3 Exicon. Explained we would sprint 100 yards, do 10 merkins, and walk back. Rollbar quickly caught on to the wordplay and realized we would try to do this 30 times = 300 merkins.

Pax sprinted 100 yards on the field 23 times, following each sprint w/ 10 merkins. Walked back, waited for the six, and then sprinted again. Pax were encouraged to chat with pax on the walk (or jog) back, and to mix up their places on the line from time to time to interact with as many pax as possible. Multiple pax stepped up to lead merkins with variations (e.g. hand release, tempo, etc). YHC called Omaha and we moseyed to the market lot. Pax sprinted the length of the lot (#24) and did 10 more merkins (240). Pax moseyed to street in front of the fieldhouse and did a 25th sprint back to the shovel flags. Performed 10 more merkins (250). Time was running short, so YHC led a very brief

Mary: 50 Hammers IC (300!)


Named our FNG – Welcome Slick. Sorry for the name, but you get what you get.

Announcements: CSAUP on Dec. 1, please check Twitter/Slack for details for holiday donations to Boys Town.

Please keep an eye on Slack #third-f channel for upcoming details regarding a meal train initiative for one of our brothers that will need our support starting mid-December.

BOM: YHC watched the news a lot last week, and reflected quite a bit on what we see on TV, what our children may see, and the type of leader, father, husband, friend I want to be. Lacking any wisdom of my own on this subject, I decided to google some inspiration. I looked up the definition of gentleness: the quality of being kind, tender, or mild-mannered. I then entered the phrase “leading with a gentle heart” which, happily, lead me to an article about an 1896 Book by J.R. Miller titled “A Gentle Heart.” I try to keep COT’s relatively agnostic, but I found the following passages so powerful, I wanted to share them:

No man is truly great, who is not gentle.

This world needs nothing more than it needs gentleness. All human hearts hunger for tenderness. We are made for love—not only to love, but to be loved. Harshness pains us. Ungentleness touches our sensitive spirits as frost touches the flowers. It stunts the growth of all lovely things.

There was gentleness in the world before Jesus came. There was mother love. There was friendship, deep, true, and tender. There were marital lovers who were bound together in sacred union. There were hearts even among heathen people in which there was gentleness almost beautiful enough for heaven. There were holy places where affection ministered with angel tenderness.

Yet the world at large was full of cruelty. The rich oppressed the poor. The strong crushed the weak. Women were slaves and men were tyrants. There was no hand of love reached out to help the sick, the lame, the blind, the old, the deformed, the insane, nor any to care for the widow, the orphan, and the homeless.

Then Jesus came! And for thirty-three years he went about among men—doing kindly things. He had a gentle heart, and gentleness flowed out in his speech. He spoke words which throbbed with tenderness. There was never any uncertainty about the heartbeat in the words which fell from the lips of Jesus. They throbbed with sympathy and tenderness.

The people knew always, that Jesus was their friend. His life was full of rich helpfulness. No wrong or cruelty ever made him ungentle. He scattered kindness wherever he moved.

Be a leader that does kindly things, speak words that are tender, react to cruelty with gentleness, and scatter kindness wherever you move.


No Doze

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