11/22/2019:  The Woodshed

PAX: Honeybadger, Tater Tot, Pony Express, OMT, Samples (Respect!), Slow Pitch, Baby Grand, Gunner, Ponzi, Safe Ride, Mase (Hate!) Biggy Smalls, Khakis (Respect!), Honeystinger, Polaroid, Tenderfoot, Bubbles (Hate!), Lucky Charm, Huffy

QIC: Honeybadger


SSH 25 IC → String rippers 15 IC  →  Cherry Pickers 20 IC- Sun Gods 20 IC- Mt. Climbers 20 (IC)- Imperial Walkers 20 IC

Kind of a Pre-Thang

PAX mosey’d to the corner to do a few exercises before finding themselves in the grotto. PAX demonstrated the Pickle Pusher to Mase (15 IC), the Mt. Climber (15 IC) the Gas Pumper (15 IC) and the Burpee (5 OYO). We did four sets of each.  

Share the Load

Pax landed in the Grotto, where they demonstrated ability to share their wealth of an F3 workout amongst each other. Pax started with Box Jumps (10). Between each set, Pax took turns calling out their favorite exercises, performing them and then…back to box jumps. Exercises included: Bobby Hurley (Honey Stinger), Werkins (OMT), Diamond Merkins (Ponzi), Khakis did some squat things that really hurt my knees (can’t remember what they’re called now, but it will come to me). Decline Merkins, Mt Climbers and Plank Jacks (Honeybadger). Each PAX that called out an exercise got to choose the number of reps completed. 


American Hammers in Cadence around the circle (50 total). 

Circle of Trust

Announcements & Prayers:

·         Praying for Lucky Charms uncle and current health concerns recently presented. 

·         Praying and thinking about all of our brother PAX that are nursing injuries and can’t be out with us in the gloom. Kahki’s reminder to make sure we are stretching and taking care of preventable injuries

·         CSAUP December 10. Starting at Paradise Island and ending at Boys Town. Consider carpooling and ride situation. 

·         Remember to order F3 gear for CSAUP if desired. Deadline is approaching

Message from the Q – Honeybadger: 

Due to some last minute changes in the Q Schedule, there was limited time to plan a workout. Ask for help, share the load, have fun!


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