HEAVY METAL BACKBLAST: GoRuck Hard Hitter Challenge

November 20th, 2019//Stinson Park//AO- Heavy Metal//43 degrees!

11 Pax: Bloodshot, Folsom, Stella, Borland, Honey Stinger, Uncle Rico, Dufresne, Rollbar, Samples (Respect!), TC (Respect!), Beta Max

Q: Beta Max

Beta Max welcomed the PAX to the Heavy Metal AO and rapped the F3 mission statement, core principles and disclaimer. 

It’s not even a penny, few things in life are free

It’s led in rotating fashion by men just like you and me

We always meet outdoors, no matter rain or shine

Open to all guys

Join me in a circle at the end to talk about some real important things in our lives.

Opened with paying respect to the American Flag with the Star Spangled Banner, except the playlist was off and we realized the first 10 seconds were the Avenger’s Theme Song. Beta Max quickly corrected this!

Warm O’ Rama

  • Chinooks ICx20
  • Reverse Chinooks ICx20
  • Sun Gods ICx20
  • Reverse Sun Gods ICx20
  • Cherry Pickers ICx20
  • Tappy-taps ICx20

The Thang: GoRuck Hard Hitter Challenge

Heavy Metal’s workout was dedicated to Staff Sergeant David B. Roten Jr., who

served in the United States Army as a decorated Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.

David was killed in action on November 27, 2014 in hostile territory supporting the U.S. Government. He lived and served with unwavering commitment, passion, and courage, always pushing himself beyond his limits to be the very best. He loved the 300 workout, so we naturally made it more challenging.


25 x Bent over rows

50 x Deadlifts w/ 10 count in between

50 x Push-Ups w/ 10 count in between

50 x Ruck Over Head Floor Wipers w/ 10 count in between

50 x Ruck Clean & Press – alternate arms w/ 10 count in between

50 x Step Ups w/ 10 count in between (both legs, so 100 total)

25 x Pull-Ups

50 x Ruck chest press

50 x Ruck V-ups

50 x Ruck American Hammers

Announcements: Prayers for …….

11/20/20 (tonight) – Hump Day Happy Hour 7PM @ Inner Rail

12/1 – CSAUP –bring any items for donation to any workout and the Site Q will collect them


Overview of The Green Beret Foundation and all that they do to love and care for the families of military members who made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  Focused on the battles that many fight every single day with depression, anxiety and no hope; each F3 brother is here for anyone who wants to talk and desperately wants those who are hurting to lean in and reach out to us.

Quote of the day:

Work is doing it.

Discipline is doing it every day.

Diligence is doing it well every day.

-Dave Ramsey

Beta Max ended in prayer.

Aye- Beta Max

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