11/19/2019. Cornhusker Handicap AO | Aksarben – Stinson Park | 2285 S. 67th Street

PAX: 22 – Ponzi, Smashmouth, OMT, Big One, Jean-Claude, Firewalker, Pablo, Khaki’s, Lucky Charms, Huffy, Crawl, Gunner, Sourdough, Tater-Tot, Room Service, Doc Brown, No Doze, HoneyStinger, Slow Pitch, Poloroid, LowMan

Q: Selleck

Weather: Mid-to-high Stinson Zone

Selleck welcomed a veteran PAX and reminded all it was World Toilet Day. #WTD2019. In an rude awakening Selleck was caught off guard yesterday when his favorite workplace toilet was deemed “out of order”…this miniscule factoid is lost when you learn the needs driving WTD. Fore example, 4.2 billion pope live without safely managed sanitation. Irritated that this could be possible in 2019, the PAX quickly flushed the mission and disclaimer and led the PAX to the movie theater where warm-o-rama was performed in view of sad clowns choosing to work out inside of area gym (Selleck’s favorite spot for warmorama).


  • SSH x 15 IC
  • String rippers X 15 IC
  • Tempo Merkins X 15 IC
  • Imperial Walker X 15 IC
  • Air Squats X 15 IC
  • 21s – Tater Tot (no penal code enforced)

PAX moseyed from Theater back to flags for pre-thang….more information about World Toilet Day were shared.

PRETHANG – Scrub the Bowl

  • DID YOU KNOW – globally, at least 2B people use a drinking water source contaminated with feces….and Room Service gets a little upset when you roll in dog poop at an AO. Get over it, brother. PAX as a team paired up with another bathroom buddy and completed exercises from sidewalk to sidewalk in across the Bradford bowl.
    • Down – Wheel Barrow (flip/flop)
    • Back – Fireman Carry (flip/flop)
    • 30 Humpers IC
    • Down – Zombie Lunge walk
    • Back – Tunnel of $#!% (2 lines)

THE THANG – Shart Gamble ala Blackjack

PAX partnered up and ran the bowl back with blackjack ladder:

  • 1 LBC / 20 Merkins – run
  • 2 LBC / 19 Merkins – run
  • 3 LBC / 18 Merkins – run
  • Etc

Omaha was called somewhere between the skid-marks.

6 MoM:

Spider Monkey – 10 IC

Big Boy / Mountain climbers (1:4 ratio) à PAX achieved six rounds (6:24) or 21 big boys and 84 mountain climbers.


  • DID YOU KNOW – 673M people still practice open defecation worldwide (Ponzi)
  • Selleck asked the PAX if they take their toilet for granted, and if so, what else in our life our we blindly blessed with??? The challenge of the day was to offer thanks when “taking care of your business” on your own accord today.
  • Selleck asked other PAX to share – Gunner/Ponzi shared what was on their mind.
  • Coffeteria stayed inbounds at the InnerRail.
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