Westside High / Colosseum

AO / 11.19.2019 / 40 degrees

Pax: Folsom, Singlet (hate!), Armbar, 2Step, Tenderfoot, Chiclets (Respect!), Tin Cup, Beta Max, Splinter, Tug Boat, Gipper, Blue Suede, Safe Ride, Stella, Saul, Clorox (hate!).

Q: Bloodshot

YHC welcomed 17 PAX to a warm 40 degree morning.  After YHC gave the F3  mission, disclaimer, and core principles, a short mosey around the track for Warmarama followed.


  • SSH 20 IC
  • Sungods/reverse sungods 20 IC
  • Tappy taps 12 IC
  • Tater taps 12 IC
  • Windmills 12 IC
  • Downward Dog / howl at moon
  • ATMs: alternating should taps/tempo merkins/merkins 12/10/8 IC

Goal line for pre-thang:

  • 20 yard sprint / 10 Bobby hurleys x 2
  • Foot fires / up downs

PAX partnered at the visitor’s sideline for a grinder with the following exercises:

  • Air squats (150)
  • Big Boys (75)
  • Burpees (50)
  • Dips (100)
  • Step ups (75)
  • Derkins (50)

While one partner exercised, the other ran across the width of the field and up the home stand stairs. Omaha was called with almost all groups completed.


  • Freddy Mercury x 20
  • Box cutters x 20
  • American Hammer x 40

Announcements and Prayers:

  • CSAUP is still on with donations to Boys Town to site Qs
  • Heartland Hope Mission 3rd F opportunity 11.26.19 from 6-9pm. Wentworth announced Saturday – contact him or Lemon Law for sign up details.  
  • Safe Ride reminded us to pray for our injured and those men who need F3 but have not found yet.


YHC was beat down physically, and flustered by his video difficulty to the point where he failed to end his COT with a quote from a philosopher Ian Maclaren. “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle”.  Holiday season is starting and I can feel the stress from employees, patients, and everyone in contact. People tend to stress over time and money this time of year. My father in law always looks for the tired/stressed wait staff at restaurants and considers it an OPPORTUNITY to change their outlook. He knows that there is something weighing on everyone and he has a chance to make an impact. I admire him for his ability to simply be kind-I know it’s been said but can’t hurt to say it again. Again, I’m humbled and grateful for the morning with you.

SYITG- bloodshot.

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