Futurama: “No Man Left Behind”

Thursday, November 14 | Memorial Park AO | 25 degrees

On Thursday, November 14, 20 PAX showed up ready to ride out at 5:30 to help Pony Express deliver the mail. The PAX then moseyed in two single file lines to St. Margaret Mary’s School to start our Warm-a-Rama.

PAX: No Doze, Jean Claude, TC (Respect), 2 Step, Betamax, Roll Bar, Uncle Rico, Tenderfoot, Polaroid, Othello, Chiclets (Respect), Flatiron, Folsom, Safe Ride, Samples (Respect), Lucky Charms, Honey Stinger, Slow Piiiitch, and Pony Express.

QIC: Pony Express

Warm-a-Rama: – Because the Mosey was much longer than normal, Warm-a-Rama was very brief.   

Tappy Taps (12)

Cherry Pickers (15 IC)

Copper Head Squats (15 IC)

Carolina Dry Docks (20 on Down)

The Thang (No Man Left Behind)– The PAX were separated into two groups. Group 1 started with the first rep of the burpee pull-up ladder(Round 1: 1 rep, Round 2: 2 Reps and so on) while Group 2 completed merkins and LBCs. The Groups would only be able to switch once the 6 was in. This was designed to encourage the groups to complete the burpee pull-ups together. Pony Express greatly miscalculated the run distance between station which meant a lot of merkins and core work for the PAX. Eventually the workout concluded with the call of “Omaha.”


After announcements Pony Express led a discussion about how life has a tendency to make us complacent and hide things we may not have known we were missing in our lives. Pony Express encouraged the PAX to use F3 as a platform to evaluate what’s missing in their lives and work toward remedying those deficiencies. Closed with a quick prayer over the Herd.

As always thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead. Special thanks to No Doze for keeping it on the Rails and to Slow Piiitch and Roll Bar for making sure Beta Max was not left behind.

Giddy Up,

Pony Express.

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