11/13/19, 24 Degrees feels like 10 but a nice morning.

14 Pax: Firewalker, Bubbles, Blue Suede, Gunner, Stretch, FDIC, Uncle Rico, Othello, Slow Pitch, Jean Clean, FNG(Prefontaine Welcome), Splinter, Khakis Respect, Armbar

Armbar Welcomed the PAX with the F3 mission statement:To plant, grow and Serve small work out groups for the invigoration of male community Leadership. Then the 5 core principals. Free, open to all men, held outdoors, Led in a rotating fashion(Gunner with the assist) and ends in a COT. Warning was given and the group was off.

Mosey to the parking lot by the entrance to the Lake.
SSH 15
String Rippers 12 IC(After being called the wrong name by myself)
Sun Gods 10 IC forwards and Back
15 Calf Raises

The Thing
Starting on top of the mountain right away with
5 Trimerkins IC: Right arm only Ranger, Regular, Werkin then Left arm
15 Circle Burps-Burpee with a 180 depress spin
15 Smurph Jacks IC
15 American Hammer
PAX mosey’d at a good clip on the backside of the lake through the neighborhood route. With each stop along the way the PAX went down in reps by 1 Trimerkin and 3 of the other 3 moves. This continued until 4 stops were made in total and then back to the shovel flags. A total of 2.9 miles and lots of 180’s were had.

-Khakis reminded the group of the real reason for the CSAUP coming up on Dec 1st. To give back to the community that supports us through the adopt a family program boys town offers. “I want to give them some big ass boxes with a bunch of presents in them”. Or something close to that. Thanks Khakis for the passionate talk.
With no more announcements or prayers Armbar(Myself) commenced with the message for the day.
-We had a reminder at a meeting to try and make sure to take time to have small conversations with people everyday. Found it interesting we needed to be reminded to talk to people. We need to come down from out mountains of technology and screens and remember that face to face conversations with people isn’t a reminder by something that should be done out of respect. We always have time for people. So I challenge you to take the time to talk to someone today face to face instead of texting or emailing.
-Finished out in prayer.


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