//November 13, 2019//AO – Heavy Metal//25 degrees; cloudy, slight breeze//

Q: Stella

12 PAX:  Beta Max, TC (respect), Cyclone (respect), Dufresne, Safe Ride, Brazilian, Tin Cup, Folsom, 2 Step, Samples (respect), Bloodshot, Stella.

5:30 AM: Introduction, Welcomed PAX, went over mission statement and 5 principals. Disclaimer given that Stella is not a professional and to modify as needed.  Several PAX were still arriving after introduction.  Monkey Humpers performed while all PAX trickled in. Mosey to stage for Warm-A-Rama. Some mumble chatter about running at Heavy Metal.

Warm-A-Rama:  SSH, Tappy Taps, Sungods, Cherry Pickers and Hill Billys, all ICx15. 

Pre-Thang:  PAX lined up at base of hill.  Bear crawled up and did 10 incline merkins.  Q originally said Derkins and SafeRide pointed out that would be tricky.  (Derkins from the top wall sounds like a challenge for warmer weather….anyone??)  Completed twice.  Mumble chatter about hands being cold on snow covered hill.  Completed without incident, although coming down hill was slick.   PAX then moseyed over to the monument.  Balls-2-the-Walls for completion of Pre-Thang.  Modification was wall squat.

The Thang:  The Triangle. 

PAX met at the playground and circled up. Completed 10 reps of each exercise. 

  • Arnold Press
  • Bent over Rows
  • Curls (each arm)
  • Triceps overhead
  • Goblet squat
  • Shoulder Shrug
  • Deadlifts
  • Dumbbell Merkins

PAX then sprinted to benches for 15 dips and 15 Derkins.   PAX then bear crawled over to the gazebo for 15 hand-release merkins.  PAX than sprinted back to playground for rinse and repeat.  The location of each pain station formed the “Triangle”.  Upon return, SSH implemented to get blood flowing and to warm up fingers.  After the second round incline merkins were substituted for derkins. Q’s hands were freezing due to cold concrete, so bear crawls also modified to lunges.  Arnold Schwarzenegger (Brazillian) made guest appearance and instructed PAX on how to properly Arnold Press.  Q was doing the “whimpy version”.  All exercises done together and various PAX helped lead each exercise.  Rinse and repeat. 

6:06 AM:  Mary consisted of Flutter kicks, low dollys, box cutters, LBC, Big Boys, Freddy Mercury’s, Ended with 30 American Hammers.   Banana’s were also thrown into the mix and Q regrets calling audible to add this exercise. TC instructed us on proper form.  Mary may have lasted 7 minutes…..

COT:  Announcements: Folsom passed out information about the Christmas Wish list for Boys Town Foster care, which is the 3rd of the CSAUP, which is December 1.  Prayer requests mentioned and noted.

Q read short quote from Epictetus, “If you wish to improve, be content to appear clueless or stupid in extraneous matters – don’t wish to seem knowledgeable.”  Short discussion about how much more time, energy, and brainpower we would have if sometimes we zoned out on things that aren’t truly importation in life (news, sports, etc.) and instead focus on what is important.  Closed with prayer.  Coffeteria followed at Starbucks.



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