Golden Spike Backblast 11/7/19: Core Principles

Golden Spike AO | Burke H.S.  | 15 Degree Real Feel

Pax: 20 – FDIC, Spinal Tap, Mufasa, Kielbasa, Bubbles, Splinter, Lowman, Room Service, Saul, Rollbar, Dufresne, Doc Brown, Wait Time, Vandelay, Tug Boat, Khakis, Sparty, Mac ‘n Cheez (FNG), Hard Hat, No Doze

QIC: No Doze

YHC explained the 3 F’s and welcomed our FNG to the gloom. Gave a thorough disclaimer, dispensed with any other pleasantries, and got right to the beatdown. Mosey to the high-jump approach for


30 SSH IC/10 Redbull smurfjacks IC


Modified Cut A Flip – Pair Up – Pax 1 completes 10 Merkins while holding feet of Pax 2 who completes 10 Big Boys. Alternate until each partner completes 50 Merkins and 50 BBs

Pre-Thang 2

Burpee Mile Relay – Stay with your partner. Pax 1 completes one 400 meter lap while pax 2 performs burpees AMRAP. Flapjack – Pax 2 runs the track while Pax 1 does AMRAP burpees. Each partner runs two laps. Merkins or SSH to the 6. Head to the football field for The Thang:


100s – Complete each exercise as a group. First Pax to 100 is the pacer. When he hits 100 reps, the group sprints 100 meters.

Squats/100 yard sprint

SSH/100 yard sprint

Knee touch crunches/100 yard sprint

Monkey Humpers/100 yard sprint

Merkins/100 yard sprint

LBCs/100 yard sprint

Carolina Dry Docks/100 yard sprint

Lunge 100 yards

Mountain Climbers/100 yard sprint

As planned, no time for Mary


Announcements/Prayer Requests: Pre-ruck and pre-runs available at Oracle. CSAUP (Nightmare B4 Christmas) on December 1. CSAUP shirt order open until 11/19 – preorder was full, so it will ship. New F3 Omaha shirt design now available on Mudgear as well.

YHC explained that he was not going to do a prayer for COT. Like, 6 minutes of mary, closing with a prayer is not a core principle of F3. However, we have to adhere to the core principles. Thus, this morning, we were outside, free, open to all men, led by a peer, and closed with a COT. Asked that Pax be respectful of how each Q chooses to lead his workout and that we should embrace different leadership styles.

Explained that, for me, F3 and Q’ng is about fun, developing a more positive attitude, (a “sad soul kills quicker than any germ” – J. Steinbeck), developing friendships, getting fit, and developing vulnerability/openness in relationships with other guys. F3 can make conversations with other men, and others in general, about more than the weather or last night’s game and instead can be a tool to inquire more deeply into others’ lives, families, and interests.

Closed with moment of reflection in the BOM.


No Doze

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