Date: 11.9.19 0600

AO: Oscar Mike at the Oracle

Weather: A windless, clear 39°

PAX: Goodlife, A-Bomb, Othello, Coach K, Tater Tot, Uncle Rico

QIC: Rollbar

Rollbar welcomed his brothers to the Gloom, made a quick disclaimer and led them off into the darkness.

Due to a malfunction (Aka User error) in tracking milage wasn’t recorded fully. Suffice it to say the PAX didn’t get and many miles as usual since Rollbar had extra pain planned. It started with the introduction to a 30lb sandbag, quickly dubbed “The Baby”, that would be passed around as they Rucked.

Pausing at the practice field Rollbar lined the men up along to goal line and informed the PAX that they would be army crawling to the opposite end. Mercifully, the storm fence that loomed out from the predawn gloom after 70 yards, so they turned around and lunged their way back to The Baby which had been left at the goal line.

As they work along the lake Rollbar paused for the ever popular Ruck-Steinl, still a #Crowdpleaser, Rollbar nearly relented after one leg to save the second half for later, but A-Bomb’s left side has a jealous streak. After completing the exercise, it was back on the move.

A pause led to the PAX being ordered to drop rucks and circle up tightly on their 6. Having picked up a ruckless CSI there was one empty handed PAX, they began passing their rucks around the circle in an American Hammer motion, the varied weight and materials (both rucks and weights) proved awkward. YHC is doubting this makes another appearance. Rucks back on, the PAX was led back to the Shovel flags, the ever present smile of our man Wafflehouse greeted us as we arrived. After quick greetings it was time for Mary.


Ruck V-ups and a game of pass the Heavybag led to the COT.


Rollbar encouraged the PAX to choose joy, explaining that, in his opinion, happiness is an emotion, but joy is a choice.

We can find joy even in trials, we may not be happy about the trials, but we can choose to be joyful in all things.


Rollbar #SYITG

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