Lincoln Convergence

November9, 2019/AO – Den Hartog Field – Lincoln/Temperature a beautiful 37 degrees.

Pax: Slow Roast, Nick Burns, Wait Time, Huffy, Bob The Builder, Rick Flair, Gumbo, Schick, Countdown, Rolling Rock, Mufasa, Ryan (FNG – Wild Thing), Fire Walker, Lemon Law, Safe Ride.

Q: Lemon Law and Safe Ride

Safe Ride and Lemon Law promptly welcomed the PAX to F3 at 7:00.   The Mission Statement, Disclaimer, and 5 Core Principles were given.  The men then moseyed a short distance for W-A-R.


Once at the location, the following exercises were performed:
SSH x25 IC
Amazing Spider-Mans x2O IC
V-22s (Chinooks F x11 IC, Sun Gods F x11 IC, R x11 IC, Chinooks R x11 IC)
Windmills x10 IC
Merkins x20 IC


After WARM-A-RAMA, the PAX started a mosey back to the shovel flag. Approximately half way back, Safe Ride called an audible and elected to hold a “fire drill”. The PAX circled up and chopped feet. Each HIM then took a turn yelling “fire”. When that occurred everyone dropped a did a burpee. Huffy pointed out that Safe Ride wasn’t jumping back up after each burpee. Appreciate the constructive criticism, Huffy!


110% (Reps) grinder. Everyone paired up for a grinder. One man ran down the parking lot approximately 75 yards to a designated cone and back. During the partner’s run, the other guy performed an exercise. The two had to cumulatively reach 110 reps before moving to the next exercise. The following were performed:



Shoulder Touches IC

Big Biy Situps

Mountain Climbers IC

Alternating Lunges

Plank Jack’s IC


Moroccan Nightclubs

Monkey Humpers IC

American Hammers

Safe Ride eventually called “Lincoln” at 7:48am for some Mary


Flutter Kicks x 15

Dollys x 15


American Hammers x 43

Announcements/Prayer Request

F3 Omaha’s CSAUP was discussed. Our Lincoln brothers were encouraged to participate.

T Claps to Lemon Law who gutted out the workout after suffering a calf injury on the way to WARM-A-RAMA.

CSAUP and F3 Omaha shirts are on sale now. Check them out. Great holiday presents!!


Lemon Law discussed failures and leaning into F3. Countdown took us out in prayer.

Thanks for the hospitality!!

Safe Ride & Lemon Law

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