Cornhusker Therapy Session H.S Stinger PhD

Warm o Rama

Goof balls, dead zombies, copper head squats, SSH, sun gods, imperial walkers

Bitch Moan and Whine

Bobby Hurley’s, monkey humpers, werkins 15×2

ATMs. Alternating shoulder taps, tempo merkins, merkins 10×2

10 Box Jump Burpees


Marriage/Laughing/Breathing Therapy

Oh Yeahs-15IC

Ponzi Pinches-15IC

Pickle Pushers-15c

Crowd pleasures-15IC. X2

Fellowship/Group Therapy

Partner carry

Wheel barrow carry

Partner drag

Bear Drag.

All rounds followed by 10 merkins. X2

6MM-flutter kicks 15IC, low Dolly’s-15, gas pumpers-15IC, American hammers 40IC

COT. Thanks to the PAX for building their own therapy and self help group. Support each other. When you help someone else you forget about your own issues. Help one another, be there for people, battle through, carry on. Cheers. Aye

H.S Stinger

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