The Colosseum Backblast: Chase AND Be Chased

11/5/19|The Colosseum AO| 31 Degrees

PAX: Tin Cup, Brazilian, The Plague, Blood Shot, Room Service, Two Step, Splinter, Stella, Khakis, Firewalker, Greek Freak, Safe Ride, Clorox, Slow Pitch, Wait Time, Folsom, Doc Brown, Dufresne, Gipper, Tugboat, Dr. Ruth

Q: Ponzi!

F3 Intro & Disclaimer Given


Moseyed to the opposite goal line…


Sprint to 10 yard line and back to goal line 


Sprint to 20 yard line and back to goal line

10 Tappy Taps IC

10 Tater Taps IC

Sprint to 30 yard line and back to goal line

15 Pickle Pusher IC 

Werewolves – PAX were asked to bay at the moon and bark at their feet

Sprint to 40 yard line and back to goal line

Air Chair w/ Sun Gods – 10 IC forward, 10 IC reverse


  • Bear-KINS: starting at the goal line. 3 count bear crawl then 1 merkin on Ponzi’s down. Followed by a 3 count bear crawl and 2 merkins on Ponzi’s down. PAX did this all the way up to 10 merkins. Barely made it to the 20 yard line. Followed by….
  • Bear-PEES: Same thing except with burpees, made it to the 40 yard line then moseyed/walked over to the sideline for….


  • The PAX stood shoulder-to-shoulder on the sideline of the football field facing the stairs. Ponzi called an exercise to be performed together. As soon as the exercise began, the guy on each end of the line immediately raced up the stairs. Once that guy got halfway onto the track, the next guy sprinted up the stairs after him. If anyone was caught by the guy behind them they’d have to do 5 burpees while the person who caught them performed monkey humpers in their face.
  • Once at the top the group continued performing the exercise started at the bottom until all the PAX were in. 
  • Then back down the stairs to repeat! Listed exercises performed below:
    • Copperhead Squats
    • Plank Jacks
    • Tempo Hand Release Merkins
  • After 3rd round the PAX were gassed. Ponzi called an audible and told anyone needing a ten count or two to take a break while the group performed the following:
    • 25 Air Squats
    • 20 Carolina Dry Docks
  • Restarted Stair Runs. Following exercises performed each round:
    • Burpees
    • Frumpers (Monkey Humpers + Frog Jump…Plague invented them)
  • PAX were gassed AGAIN. LBCS were performed for a very long time. Back down to the bottom for one final round!
    • Ponzi Pinches
  • Omaha called!

6 MOM:

  • 20 Merkins were performed on Ponzi’s down for good measure.
  • None of these are in the lexicon. You’ll have to ask Ponzi how to do them if you don’t know what they are:
    • Eagle Boat (30 seconds each side)
    • Plank while holding one leg to chest (30 seconds each side)
    • Frozen Scissors (20 seconds each side EXCEPT Dufresne tried cheating/speeding up the count. So Ponzi extended the count 10 more seconds)


  • Announcements:
    • Clown Car going to Lincoln Saturday to support Lemon Law & Safe Ride’s Q! Safe Ride and Wait Time are volunteering to drive said Clown Cars. It’s a perfect time to EH any Sad Clowns you know in Lincoln.
    • CSAUP! Check Twitter and Slack for details. Shirt orders due this Saturday!
    • Free Jays tickets were being offered like candy during the COT. Hopefully that’s not a referendum on the season ahead for the Jays!

  • Prayer Requests/Ponzi Speech: I talked about vulnerability. I’ve been struggling with sharing any prayer requests I might have or struggles in the COTs b/c I often compare my issues to others and decide they aren’t as major as what other people are experiencing. Then I listened to Brene Brown recently talk about how comparing your struggles with others is pointless and doesn’t lessen how you feel about the situations going on in your life. It’s tough for us as men to be vulnerable. We tend to feel we have to be strong and perfect but if we can’t be vulnerable in this group then where can we be? My main takeaway for myself, and I hope others, is that there’s no need for any of us to struggle silently anymore when we have this group in our lives. And I encouraged everyone, myself included, to share prayer requests, big or small, with the PAX, whether that’s in the COT or one-on-one. Aye!

Thanks for letting me Q today guys!


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