Date: 11/05/19
AO: Wild Kingdom

Pax: 14 HIM, Slow Roast, Tonight Show, Barndoor, Lemon Law, Hard hat, FDIC, Pelini, Pivot, Thomas, Tap Out, FNG-Butterfly, FNG-Turnpike, Roll Bar, Mufasa

QIC: Mufasa (VQ)

Conditions: Perfect day on the Safari, 35 degrees with a little cloud cover

Warm-a-rama: 12 Tappy Taps, 12 Sun Gods, 12 SSH-All in Cadence

The Thang: There were 6 stations lined up, 3 on each side of the parking lot. Explained the six stations that had 9 regular playing cards at each station. Red cards meant merkins, Black cards meant LBC’s. Jack, Queen, King were a 10 count, Ace’s 25 and the Joker’s were a run to the ramp doc and back to that station. Rotating fashion to each station after all 9 cards were turned over. LBC’s were in cadence. Once completed, the Pax did 218 merkins, and over 400 LBC’s and two short mosey’s to the dock.

6MOM: Since we did a lot of core in the THANG we did 21 American Hammer in cadence, led by Hard Hat.

COT: YHC shared that the F3 is all about the 3 F’s and during the workout, it is not just limited to the first F. We wake up everyday knowing there is another HIM going to be at the workout. We workout in full Faith, that if I am struggling or need a push, I have someone to back me up. Go to a gym tomorrow and then tell your coworkers about your workout, they won’t care. Go to F3 tomorrow and tell your coworkers of your “experience,” and they may join you. So, continue to invite because you never know what the HIM needs that day. You never know what they are going through. It could save their life.

Announcements: This Saturday a few HIM going down to help Q with Saferide in Lincoln. 12/1-CSAUP, 12/20-YHC announced his annual Trolley Ride-PAX invited but space is limited.

Moleskine: Lemon Law told YHC the workout sucked. Which to YHC is a compliment.

Always proud to be part of this group

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