11/01/2019: The Woodshed, Mostly cloudy, 30 degrees 

PAX: Khakis (RESPECT), Slow Roast, Uncle Rico, OMT, Big One, Rancid, Lifestyle, Safe Ride (NO HATE 😀 ), Rollbar, Stretch, Chiclets (RESPECT), Hard Hat, Tater Tot, Two Step, Samples (RESPECT), Hightower, Bloodshot, STELLA, Slow Pitch, Room Service, Honey Badger, Honey Stinger, Gumbo, Brazilian, Beta Max, Clorox, Folsom, Lucky Charms, Armbar, and Othello. 30 HIM. 

QIC: Othello (VQ) and Armbar 

No FNG today – Othello presented the 3 F’s, the mission statement and the five core principles. Since there were no FNG’s he skipped the disclaimer.  The PAX stayed in the parking lot and did Warm-A-Rama.


SSH 20 IC → Cherry Pickers 20 IC → Imperial Walkers 20 IC →  Bobby Hurley’s 20 downs 


After Warm-A-Rama the PAX moseyed to UNO campus, south parking lot of the HPER (Health and Physical Education/Recreation) building. Armbar then lead the pre-thang.

The Pre- THANG

2 Sets

Merkin trio: 

  • Ranger, Regular, Werkin 7 IC each arm

Iron Mikes:

  • Lunges each leg with a squat 10 IC

Growing Pains:

  • 20 LBC’s IC, 20 Big Boys, 20 sec Superman


The Thang consisted of the PAX being informed that they were all superheroes and were entering the Avengers Academy… Power of the imagination! They were split up into four different groups. Each group were assigned to a station and once the group completed the exercises, they moved to the next station. The stations were:

Station 1 – Captain America – Group 1

x20 Merkins

x3 Run the Stairs

x20 Air Squats

x20 American Hammers

Station 2 – Spider Man – Group 2

x20 jump squats

x20 box cutters

x20 Peter Parker’s

x20 Mountain Climbers

Station 3 – Thor – Group 3

x 20 Big Boys

x20 Carolina Dry Docks

x20 Hand Release Merkins

x20 alt. Sun Gods

Station 4 – Black Panther – Group 4

x20 alt Lounges

x20 Should Taps

x20 Monkey Humpers

x20 Pickle Pushers


The PAX moseyed back to the flags for 6MOM.


31 American Hammers lead by Armbar. We wanted to celebrate the Khakis challenge during the month of October and thus 31 AH. We were short on time and only did one exercise.

Circle of Trust


  • Lunch today at Westroads – First Friday 11:00am
  • Pre – Ruck at The Pit at 6am
  • Csaup is still on Dec 1, at 6am
  • Snow work/scooping, connect with Clorox


  • Momma Honey (Stinger and Badger).
  • The Curse mother.
  • Rollbar daughter Ruby who is ill and his M (Jenny) who had some sleepless nights.
  • Ongoing prayers for the PAX as a whole. 

Message from the Q’s


Stats of the Khakis Challenge

  • 49 workouts: 27 beat downs, 22 pre runs/smurphs/rucks.
  • 100.25 miles moved 45.44 during the beatdowns.
  • 20,771 calories burned 12,101 during beatdowns.
  • 659 total PAX members workout out with during the month.


  • We are all striving for a connection, either that be a connection of understanding oneself or connecting with another individual for means of growth… understanding F3 mission statement. 
  • Making the choice to make yourself vulnerable and open for possible connections.
  • Once you establish a connection, grow and learn from it. 
  • The connections you do have, ask yourself if they are growing and learning and is that being reciprocated… are YOU growing and learning?
  • Value and appreciate the team you have around you which is based off of solid connections due to you being vulnerable, open, and held accountable. My team? Smashmouth, Rancid, and Armbar. #TurtlePower
  • We’re all superheroes, welcome to the Academy! 

Thank you all for coming on down to the WOODSHED! We had a blast planning this beatdown and we hope you all had a great workout! Until next time, superheroes!


Othello and Armbar

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