Oscar Mike at The Pit

11.2.19 0600

AO: Oscar Mike at the Pit

Weather: Clear skies, 34° with a breeze, feels like 31°

PAX: Jean Claude, The Plague, Bloodshot, BetaMax, Gumbo, Tater Tot, Uncle Rico

Q: Rollbar

Your Q for the morning,Rollbar,  arrived a bit early and planted the Oscar Mike Shovel Flag into the soil of the Pit for the first time. 

As the PAX gathered, YHC examined the new coupon Uncle Rico made for the day. At 86lbs it was too heavy to carry for the full Ruck as planned, Rollbar opted to leave it at Shovel Flag and devised a plan to use it for Mary…

The Heavy Bag… You’ll be seeing more of this!

Giving a greeting and a brief description of the F3 mission and a disclaimer, Rollbar led the PAX off into the gloom.

The Ruck Thang

Rollbar opted to explore an unplanned route with stops for pain every ¾ of a mile, totaling 2.99 miles (should have taken 10 more steps).

  • ½ #Steinl with Ruck #crowdpleaser
  • Ruck V-ups x20
  • Copperhead Squats x25ic

6 Minutes of Mary

Upon returning to the Shovel Flag Rollbar instructed the PAX to circle up toe to toe in a squat and brought the heavy bag into the circle. The burden was shared by twisting at the waist and handing it to the next man, mumblechatter was rampant throughout and Rollbar mercifully called Omaha after what seemed an eternity.


YHC confessed to the PAX something he recently realized about himself:

I have always held myself on the fringes of every group I’ve been a part of, it makes it easier to bail out whenever I want. The unintended consequence is that I’m never really connected deeply to those around me.

Last winter I went through a very difficult time both in my own head and with external circumstances, I finally leaned into a group for support, and the men here in F3 answered the call by surrounding me with love. For that, I am eternally grateful.

I encourage every man to never stand alone. Sometimes you’re the guy who needs the support, sometimes you’re the guy who can help. You won’t find a better group of men to lean into than right here! Be available to your brothers, be open to your brothers. You’ll be amazed at what you find!

Announcements & Prayer

  • Remembering our brothers on the DL
  • Family with illness, Mama Honey, Pablo’s Mom, Rollbar’s 2.1 Ruby, Borland’s 2.0 and more that I don’t know of
  • CSAUP, December 1st see Bubbles or Khakis for details

Be Blessed!



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