October 31, 2019 | Boys Town | AO – Futurama/Maize convergence | Weather – 31

PAX:  Lucky Charms Huffy, Tuna Fish, Mufasa, Hard Hat, Clorox, Dufresne, Tater Tot, Tugboat, Crawl, Lowman, Big One, Top Shelf, Polaroid, Wait Time, Honey Stinger, Tonight Show, The Plague, Ponzi, Slow Pitch, Bubbles, Smashmouth, Othello, Rancid, Arm Bar, Jean Claude, Khakis, No Doze, Barn Door, Thor, Dr. Ruth, Sasquatch, Uncle Rico, Pony Express, Saul, Safe Rides, Beta Max, Firewalker, Folsom, Wentworth, FDIC, Roll Bar

Q: Room Service

Welcomed 43 PAX to Boys Town, was overwhelmed by the number in costume and the creativity of this group. Room Service explained the mission of F3 along with the 3 F’s. Put out the disclaimer to modify so no costumes are damaged and more importantly bodies. Headed out on the haunted streets of Boys Town for a short mosey.

Moseyed down to the Farmers Market and started warm-a-rama.  Halloween tunes commenced with Michael Jackson kicking us off with Thriller


  • Frankenstein – 20IC
  • Tappy Taps – 15IC
  • Turkey Shinooks – Forward 10IC
  • Turkey Shinooks – Reverse 10IC
  • Cherry pickers – 20 IC 
  • Devils – 15

Moseyed over to the practice field for a full group participation workout


FrankenSteinl – ½ was performed before the thang and was completed mid-thang


The PAX circled up and drew exercises from the pumpkin and led said exercise.  Options included:  

• Merkins – 20
• Air Squats – 30
• LBC’s – 25IC
• Alt Shoulder Taps – 20IC
• Pickle Pushers – 20IC
• Monkey Humpers – 20IC
• Calf raises – 50
• Big Boy – 15
• Werkins – 25
• Copperhead Squat – 20IC

• High knees – 20IC
• Freddie Mercury – 20IC
• Hillbilly’s – 20IC
• Groiner – 20
• Plank Jack – 20IC
• Smurf Jack – 20IC
• High plank – 45 seconds
• Lunge – 15/leg
• Mountain climber – 20IC
• Goofball – 20IC


Captain Thor – made it to round of 5


YHC attended a rosary on Tuesday.  During the eulogy the wife spoke and had some very inspiring words.  Her husband had just died unexpectedly a few days earlier but was battling cancer for the past year and was in remission when this tragedy struck.  The family was thankful for all of the kind words and encouragement over the last year and really made this man happy. Take this as a lesson to go out and tell people how you feel, before it is too late.


  • First Friday lunch – Westroads, November 1
  • CSAUP – December 1


  • Prayers for the Keating family of SRB
  • Prayers for the Curse’s mom
  • All the PAX to stay strong during this fall/winter season  
  • Coffeeteria followed at Starbucks (they loved seeing Saul in his Scooter’s getup)

Room Service

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